WHITE / BLACK Phantom weapon SKINS | conpcet

UPDATE 14/10/2018
I add two possible variants:

  • Skins Esports black, white logo
  • Skins TC white, black logo

I added a set of black skins given the requests.
In addition, I thought about the possibility of having the Phantom weapon set for all ranks.

Hello everyone!! :sunglasses:

I wanted to share with you a concept of the white Phantom skins.
It would be very nice to see them in the game…

What do you think?



I like these better than the green and pink


Those look good but I was wondering what black phantom skins would look like.


I approve.


In reality, black phantom skins already exist.
When you drop a red / blue weapon it becomes black…:wink:


Memento Mori :smiley:
Doubt this will happen, as they are to close to TC Dev skins.

Looks great and would look even better with a BS character

I always wanted white phantom skins, And this looks so good. I want this right now :smile:

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I didn’t know that.
When I use blue/red phantoms and die/revive I sometimes see them on the ground. They look the same to me. Is it when an enemy picks them up they look different?

I do not know if now it’s still like that because it’s been a while since I use them but I remember that when they remained on the ground they turned from red / blue to black. Then when someone picked them up they came back colored.


I would like to see concept of onyx phantoms as well


Those would be slick too.

Chuck Norris approved it.

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What an amazing concept…White phantom skins? who would think of such a thing

other than literally anybody?

i dont know man

That was the joke :rofl: i just like how the user name is on the image as if its some amazing concept instead of someone just putting the image into GIMP or PS and changing the saturation/color

Ahahah, I do not seem to have said that I created a showpiece artwork.
I’m a Senior Graphic Designer, so it’s normal for me to include my signature in what I do.
It’s just my idea made in 1 minute.

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I suggested an White/Black Phantom Skins at streams

Excellent concept art. Could you make them black version too?

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I’ve wanted this for a long time as well as a true RED phantom. The one for Swarm is a orange, not red, and I don’t care much for it.
I’d also like their “trippy” color change to be integrated into the phantom frame, So many things they could do with this that would require next to no effort.


Fact remains that you put in the work and you posted the thread. Don’t let the haters bother you.

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