Which strikes do you enjoy watching/using the most, and why?

After playing a lot of horde and seeing all the level 6 hammers/sniper/mortar strikes, I wanted to ask you guys which ones do you enjoy using the most, whether that be you having the card equipped or watching a teammate using it on a wave? I feel that all strikes are almost equally effective, in terms of enemies killed per strikes (usually 6-7, sometimes 8) with a level 6 card.

Me personally, ive always loved the mortar strike even though my card is only level 4 but when I see a teammate using a level 6 card, I just LOVE the way all the enemies freezes for a nanosecond and kinda looking around like, ‘we bout to get f’d’. The pure devastation is just eye candy.

Sniper strikes can be cool if you run a explosive headshot along with it but ive noticed it seems to be glitchy a little bit. The only eye candy part about sniper strikes is lookin at the killfeed lol. Some level 6 sniper strikes would get 3-4 kills occasionally. The hammer of dawn strike is alright in my opinion, but it seems to be the more consistent one out of all strikes.

But man…the mortar just blows me away everytime I see someone clearing out boss waves. I just stand there like, DAMN. Almost thinking of leveling up mine to 6 even though im more of a scout/eng type of dude. Gotta love sentries, the one card where sentry kills drops ammo is so underrated, you almost don’t need weapon lockers because of that card alone but anyway back to strikes.

Anyway, this is just a fun food for thought thread, was curious to see which strikes appeals to you the most!

I like to use Sniper Strike the most.
Sniper Strike is cheaper than Hammer, but I’ve never tried or seen a definite Level 6 Mortar Strike to know that it kills as many as Sniper Strike does, being up to 7-8 kills.
Mortar Strike kinda looks cool with mini earthquake, the dirt on ground flying into the air for second.
But Hammer of Dawn is way cooler and to look to and watch, kinda feel like endgame which would obliterate anything on Map.

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Sniper strike is my one true pairing. Love seeing all the heads asplode.

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Mortar strike is still completely useless no? I remember using it back when level 5 cards were the max and it barely killed anyone.

Has it been fixed?

Definitely like mortar strikesi ce yiu get t o see them filthy monsters mashed into bits. I just wish mortar strike was not a card but a limited power weapon which allows you to attack once and fire it anywhere.

I love the mortar strike, it comes down like a bunch of meatballs and hits like a 14 year old girl in a pillow fight. Let’s the swarm know you mean business while still givin them a chance to surrender.

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Sniper Strike for me. Just hearing the multiple crunches of the headshot is very satisfying.

for me the best one to look at is hammer but sniper strike is obviously the most cost effective since it doesnt matter if it’s indoors/outdoors

Yeah I think I remember hearing about that, it was like earlier this year. Level 6 mortars wouldn’t kill anyone, but TC patched it so it works fine now (from what ive seen in horde as of lately).

@Ektope, yeah I ran with you a couple nights ago, you were hella good with the sniper and I enjoyed watching all the killfeeds and the exploding collateral damages. Sometimes I do wonder if the sniper strike gives as much damage to the bosses on boss waves as mortar and hammer even with level 6 called shot card. Ive seen one mortar strike wipe out a boss (I think it was the snatcher, but don’t remember as it was a while ago). I might be wrong though.

if you run magic bullet i think it does since sniper strike stacks the bonus dmg as well i assume it also gives bonus dmg but obviously cant confirm it


If you think Ektope is good with the sniper, you’ll be amazed by me :slight_smile: It’s rare that I get less than 400 kills per Horde run. Generally hit 500>600+ depending on map.

Thanks for the info regarding the mortar. I’ll stop scrapping the cards now.

PS: want to join our growing Horde club?

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Lol, honestly I think anyone who is better than me with the sniper is hella good anyway. And yeah sure, wouldn’t mind joining your group. Me and some buddies who did the School of 08 and Lift the other night are planning to do Perfect Run/Zero power horde tonight. Maybe we can bunch up and git er done, ill be on later tonight around 5-6 pm (central time).

I think it does, plus with Called Shot before Strike.
Pretty much any Bosses could be killed with Strike.

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Problem with the mortar and hammer is that they can kill the person using it. Also it depends on how much overhead cover there is on the map for how good they are. The sniper strikes work regardless of that.

I used to prefer the hammer back when it was 8k. Now it’s a whopping 13k, which is always a waste of money in comparison to sniper strikes, since you can get 3 sniper strikes for the price of a hammer.

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I would say generally sniper strikes are better because they are cheapest

Awesome! The club is called: Gears 4 Horde Legends

I’ll add you to my friend list also :+1:

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I prefer sniper strike since it’s more economical, and in my experience, more reliable. One thing I don’t like is that in the xbox stats (not sure about in-game), it doesn’t differentiate between your earned headshots, and those gained from sniper strike.

When I’m playing scout, hammer of dawn is convenient because I can watch the beams and get a general idea of where the energy is.

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You should have seen @Ektope tonight. He literally saved all of us on our Perfect Run horde match, it was in like wave 23 or 24 and some of the locusts broke through one sentry-heavyside of the War Machine stairs and downed 3 of us before we knew what was happening and then started charging hard to finish us off like a bunch of bloodthirsty zombies, and Ektope was the last dude standing, he wall bounces like a phenom zigzagging through the pillars to the fab and commands a Godly sniper strike just right before he went down too AND finished off ALL of the last 7-8 locusts who all were standing above us laughing at us downed feebles only to have their heads explodes while their limbless bodies fall to the ground at the same time that we were wave-finishing insta-revived. My jaw was on the floor and by the time I picked it up, I suddenly remembered that I FORGOT to record the whole thing. We all stood up, looked at each other like… the %#@$ just happened? The whole thing was so hectic and we frantically awaited the score menu to see that our flawless run was still, in fact… intact. I know I sound like im exaggerating but im tellin you, this was definitely Gears4 Clip of the Week submission-to-be-handpicked-by-TC-worthy. Seriously, you couldn’t write a script like this. Not all heroes wear capes.

Oh and did I mentioned that he pretty much carried us to get the ‘You Are The Support, Son!’ achievement on the very next horde match… Lift/Perfect Run/Support, Son! all in a span of 36 hours, and he was the MVP in every game. Although im sure he will tell you that my level 6 Marked Damage heavy card gave his Level 6 Called Shot sniper card an HEAVY boost on that last horde match. Heh. Ok, the asskissing is real on this one. But hey, im sure you’re a pretty good sniper too. :smiley:

And holy sheeeet, my thread just went halfway around the world. Back on topic people, please.

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If on WIN10 - start recording your matches :smiley:

I don’t have any equipped to be honest and only got sniper strike lvl6.
As for watching never pay that much attention I’m to busy looking for things to kill.

A lot of you say the mortar strike.I’ve been playing this game since say one,and probably on seen it used 3 times.
The hod can be annoying.you always know when I soldier has just got it cause he uses it every boss wave and it kills a couple of things lol.

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