Which skins would you want in Gears 6?

That makes him kind of fun.

Don’t tell Hoolie

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He sometimes makes me think someone’s using the UIR Soldier.

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So like Oscar, who has literally two different voices for some reason lol.


Two different voice actors from Gears 4 to 5. Why? TC.

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I’m lucky enough he doesn’t lurk around these parts. Who knows how people have to suffer through hoolie’s wrath of “bAlLs In YoUr MoUtH.”

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He is usually pretty chill when it is just me and him (which then again, that is uncommon)
Next time you play with him, give him Smoke Grenades.

Soon as him, smudge and/or brandon get together, all hell breaks loose.

If any of them ever go down to a Reject, you should say “imagine dying to Rejects”

They sounded so similar that I didn’t even know this until I went to the Gears wiki to confirm.

male characters have some weird neck issues in this game


Ive been waiting so long


Couldn’t afford Jimmy Smits. Or he detected the lack of creativity.

“We Are Legion.”

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They aren’t putting Ghost in the game, give up. TC is a constant disappointment.

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Anyone besides me hate playing as Marcus? I mean, he’s the campaign player character. I spent enough time hearing his one liners and seeing his back for 12 hrs per game. So yeah. Let’s play as the main character in pvp after all that. Same with Dom. You couldn’t play as Cole and Baird til 3 and even then it was only one section and it was locked to Cole and Dom as Player 2. Then we got locked to frigging Jace after the tragedy of Act 3. Man, I don’t want to play as Vegeta. I mean, whoever Michael B. Jordan played in Black Panther. Which is the real reason Jace isn’t in Gears 5. TC can’t even afford a MCU C-lister human villain.

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No not really. I like Marcus, but only after he became a supporting character.

I’ll never get tired of playing any character really, I love most of them, even Jace oddly enough.

I want a solid game before I want skins.

But I want my outside Kate

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Here you go. She’s very clearly outside.