Which Side Mission should I forgo?

Just hit an interesting dilemma. I’m still trying to get Epic UIR Armor for my 12th scout. :sunglasses: I’m into a section of Side Missions now, where I have 2/3 missions left to complete (the first one I did was a Rescue that awarded a Legendary Weapon Mod & Legendary Armor). One of the missions is an Incursion that awards Epic Armor, which I’m looking for over Weapon Mods. However, the other 2 missions are both Scavenger Runs- which usually hold the opportunity to collect 2 additional Epic equipment cases.

I am unsure which mission to forgo. I wish I knew the percentage of opening Weapon Mods from equipment cases compared to opening Armor from them. The modifiers and optional objectives aren’t an issue for my units. Any ideas?

You could try save scumming it until you get the right armour piece? This only applies to the main item you get for completion though as you won’t be able to see the other items until you open the cases after you’re back at base (and therefore after an auto-save point). However it is possible to delete your console’s save file and then resync your save data from the cloud so that it throws you back one or two checkpoints before that (which takes longer).

If you can’t be bothered to save scum, then either of the scavenger run missions make the most sense from a probability perspective. There are 5 item boxes along the way, plus you get the one for completion; and the one for the bonus requirement, so you should get a total of 7 items.

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I have thought about doing this before. I also think the items are randomly generated upon opening, and if so, it would apply to all items. However, I am not sure if by that point it has already decided whether the equipment cases contain either a Weapon Mod or Armor. Either way, one should be a guaranteed Weapon Mod from both of the Scavenger Runs, which won’t be of any use to me.

I was thinking the Scavenger Runs would be the way to go as well, as there would probably be a net +1 of potential useful equipment cases to be gained. I just didn’t know if the exact percentages of what was gathered from equipment cases (between Weapon Mods and Armor) had been hashed out by the community.