Which Remaster Would You Prefer: Gears 2, 3, or Judgement?

For me personally I would love to see a Gears of War 2 remastered version. Gears 3 is still in decent shape and is playable so I don’t feel as if a remaster is necessary for that game at this point in time.

As for Gears Judgement I have a bit of amnesia over that game and I don’t expect it to ever get remade. All I ever want from that game is Gondola in a future Gears.


Time and time again TC said Gears 2 remaster wont happen. But they are not coetely ruling it out. It will come in the distant distnt future as in next generation of xbox.

People has to accept this and move on.

Also if Gears 2 is tied in with Gears 5 story, I just dont see why Gears 2 remake should happen

I would rather experience a new story that brings nostalgia than reliving the same experience but with updated graphics.

With that said, I like to see Gears 2:UE to release in 6 years time.


Gears 2 UE isn’t even a thought for TC nor is any other old GOW installments besides the obvious

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Indeed. I would completely rule it out for this generation honestly. Just wait another 6-10 years for another remaster.

We need new gears game, not old.

Anyway we know whats going to happen with a remaster, the endless flood of complaints that the game is broken, its not a true remaster etc etc.


2 & 3.

I’m happy to pretend Judgement never happened :joy:


I think if Gears 5 is a gigantic success, come Gears 3 - 10 year anniversary - we might see a 2 & 3 Remaster as 1 has already been done.

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I’m all for seeing the Queen and Nexus in HD 4k.

2 more than 3, as for me personally it certainly has been a lot longer. Who wouldn’t like to even just see the menu and hear that music again?


Dont think 3 needs to be ever remastered because im sure the next xbox or whatever can further enhance the graphics .

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Play 2 on an XB1x with a 4k tv. Looks pretty damn good.

Honestly I wish we could get a pendulum war expansion. A few chapters of that would be pretty damn awesome I think. I know we got one mission in GOW4 but I’d like to see a 2 chapter expansion. I think it would be pretty cool and fairly easy to make.


This would have been great as a DLC for Gears 4 since it briefly touched upon the pendalum wars, but sadly they didnt go down with that route.

3 would be transformed if it had a Remaster.

It’s still a last-gen game and is looking dated.

“Further enhancing the graphics” can only do so much.

As good as Gears 1 Remaster looked (especially the cutscenes) I felt the Halo MCC was one level above and looked like a high budget movie during cutscenes and had fantastic upgrades.

And HayMaker I’ve only just recently completed Gears 2 again on my One X. Although most of it looked good - there were noticeable low quality textures too.

The frame rate is another thing - it’s kind of headache inducing now. 60FPS would be welcome.

Plus the cutscenes need a massive upgrade.

A Remaster would be fantastic.

Another reason why 3 is probably unlikely to get a remaster is that they wont be able to make the game esports friendy and if they cant attract people to play competitively then it will effect sales.

Because im sure as hell a pro league for a Gears 3 remaster wont be successul if mp remains as exactly as Gears 3.

The campaign would still be playable but the MP has been deserted for a while now. I would love a remaster so I could play a new and improved version of the online.

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Having no interest in eSports - I would only care about how fun the MP was, not about what “pro players” think.

If it works and it’s solid then least everyone else would be happy :+1:

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But has a gears mp ever worked? I dont think so, i dont expect this to change either :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gears 4 works perfectly in private vs 9 bots.

I have never had an issue with anything - especially the Gnasher which works flawlessly.

I have a steady 5-10ms ping and it’s so smooth.

It’s others with high pings or fluctuating pings that ruin then online MP.

Well yeah of course private matches work, you’re not playing against other players that are connected to the internet

It’s still online - and it works, which was my point :+1:

2 for sure. Gears 4 is better than Gears 3 in terms of multiplayer and weapon balance. I don’t want to play Gears 3 again.

The only redeeming qualities about Gears 3 were the wings you get from leveling up, the onyx camos, the mutators and the 4 player campaign. Otherwise I prefer Gears 4.

So if I were to play one of the old games again, definitely 2.

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I would still like to see Gears 3 Story Remaster. Not to fussed about the Mp as I’m sure I’ll be sticking with 5 until 6 is out.