Which playlist will get me boltock skins this season

Just wanna know which playlist will get me a golden boltock so i can complete my gold set.

For season 4, skin rewards have changed. Before you used to get a particulr reward for each playlist.

Now you get 5 rewards at once based on your highest placement for example: Gold.

In Season 4, the 5 weapon skin rewards are: the Gnasher, Markza Mk.1, Longshot, Boltok and Snub.

You can read about Season 4 rewards here.

Also TC are planning to make them potientially claimable mid season, however the feature for this is still in development.

Thanks for the response. I was looking for that info for awhile

No worries, happy to help bud!

Just so you know season 4 wont end until Oct and we dont know when the feature for the skins to be claimable mid season yet. Just got to wait for news on that front.

Hopefully sometime this month.

I know ive earned it now so. I can patiently wait till avalible. not having the gold boltock bothered me. lol

I myself cant be bothered to collect ranked season skins but hands down i believe gold is the best… its simple, shiny and way better than the diamond skin.