Which new map would you like to see returning for the next gears game?

So far we have:

Launch: Asylum, District, Training Grounds, Icebound, Vasgar, Exhibit and Bunker.
OP: Allfathers Arena, Pahanu and Reactor.

I’d like to see District, Asylum and Reactor with some sort of visual upgrade, since they are the best designed maps imo.

No more reskins of the same map within a game please. That sort of stuff should be reserved for remakes in future Gears after 6(for the G5 launch maps), if any games come after it.

If any happen they should take the spot of the original map but I don’t see why they should do one.

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Already wanting gears 6 ? Gears 5 is barely a year old…

I’d say pump more maps into gears 5 before we get to this topic…

I’d be pissed if gears 6 just happened already. Probably turn me off gears for a while.

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I’m not, just curious to see which maps people would like to see the most.
What i want right now is more new maps being added into gears 5.

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Allfathers Arena

I bet anybody in here they will remake it in Gears 6, easily one of the best maps TC has ever made.

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If they do, please let it be set at night or dusk i. e a diff skyline with a new lick of paint.
I would be a lot more agreeable to returning maps if TC did this.

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Yeah it bothers me that every Gears 4 map port is the same from the previous game. I’d like to see Foundation at night.

putting actual effort and interesting changes into a remake? Nah. It’ll be exactly the same as it is in Gears 5 mark my words lol.