Which maps you enjoying playing the most and which one is the hardest to master in horde?

Well, since we aren’t going to get anymore maps in gears 5, I thought why not make this post lol.

The maps I enjoy playing the most are ritual, ephyra, dawn, river, village, tomb and asylum. Some of these maps I tend to do really well as a cqc classes and I regularly play these maps on daily basis lol.

In my opinion, on master difficulty, the hard maps are pahanu, icebound, regency, dam, lift, Allfathers arena and vasgar (maybe you can throw in bunker to). If I’m not playing with my team which leaves me to jump into a random lobby then it’s going to be much harder to master those maps that I’ve mentioned.

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Ritual and Pahanu are my favorite maps in the game atm. Ritual is a very good CQC map. Pahanu probably offers the most difficulty but I dont really think maps provide difficulty in this game, its the daily modifiers that provide difficulty.

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Pahanu with big head that would annoy any sniper in that particular map lol.

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My friend ultra told me that putting on Santa hats completely negates that modifier. It makes every enemy normal besides Wardens.


Big brain right here.



Most Difficulty : Pahanu
Most Fun : Clocktower


The map I enjoy the most would be Village since I have almost 100 master runs on it for horde frenzy :sweat_smile:. I also enjoy playing on River, Ritual, Ephyra, Tomb, Nexus and Dawn. The “hardest” map would be Pahanu. Mercy, Regency and Dam follow after Pahanu.


In terms of hard(est) maps, pretty much going to echo previous posts with that, to me, it’s Pahanu and Regency that take the top spot, but they’re also maps that I don’t particularly like playing on. Really don’t think they’re very good for Horde. Abyss gets an honorable mention because of how much of a pain in the ■■■ it can be when the game refuses to behave. I suppose Mercy also fits into that category.

Most fun, well, that’s a subject I’m not entirely sure on. Partially since I have opinions that seem to be controversial within the groups that I play/played in, with me not liking maps such as Reclaimed or Harbor in Gears 5. Asylum and District(NOT in the arcade) would be possible contestants, though.

I do know which maps I find the most boring, and that would be the tile maps. Besides maybe Atrium if you get players to not camp in Arcade 2.0(the Relic weapon room), but still isn’t a great one regardless.

Side note : Most of the Gears 4 maps were more fun to play in that game’s Horde than they are in 5s as far as I’m concerned.

Hard to choose between Pahanu and Harbor.

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Favourite: Reclaimed.

Simply because it’s the map I know best and started playing on in Gears 4. I’ve solo’d 50 waves on it many times on 4 and 5 and use it for testing different builds and for daily objectives. As an anectdote: I’ve lost count of the many times less experienced players try and tell or show me the best places to setup on that map!

Least Favourite: Village.

Because I’ve played it a lot of times since it was introduced and I’ve never particularly enjoyed playing on it. Whilst it’s a very good map for CQC classes due to the amount of cover available, that also means it’s not a very good map for ballistic classes because of the limited sight and firing lanes.

Easiest: Overload, Blood Drive or Command.

This is self explanatory, they’re very easy small maps and why a lot of players like playing on them to level up reup or class xp. I’ve done my fair share of leveling on those maps and they’re very easy.

Hardest: Pahanu or Regency.

Because they’re very large maps with weird tap positions that are generally not in the positions you’d want them in for a defendable position perspective. They’re difficult to engineer and control. I failed Regency (1-50 Master) many times when it first came out because I couldn’t figure out how to engineer it, but in reality it’s no different to any other map. You setup in spawn, split it in half and create a left, centre and right side, it’s difficult because of the sheer size and problems with maintaining taps.

Oddly, Pahanu is a really good map for a Marksman if you setup on the Altar side due to the slightly higher ground. That’s one of the ways to deal with that map—a Marksman to the left and right of centre will clean up almost everything before it gets anywhere near you.

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I think my favorite map now is Village, but my least favorite will forever and always be Pahanu.

Allfathers’ Arena is possibly the easiest due to those ridiculously long lines of sight, though that assumes your team won’t let themselves wipe when something flies overhead and no one shoots it. Dam might be the hardest; I feel like there’s no legitimately easy spot to set up. All of the setup spots are bad.


I would say Regency is the “Hardest” because the Tabs are pretty hard to defend,the lack of sight, getting shot through Plants, it’s Big so there need’s to be a diligent Engineer building enough Barriers while lacking Power because of “bad” Tab ect.

A Major thing that always makes a Map harder is when nomatter where you Setup on a Map there’s always atleast 3 Lanes to cover which can be a pain playing with Randoms that somehow do not understand (Comon Sense) that every Lane needs to be covered by atleast 1 Player which is why i also rank Vasgar as “Hard” atleast when playing with Players that don’t understand that,

Difficulty is not just Map based IMO every Time a Base is small the Match get’s alot “harder” then it could be because people are to lazy to Expand to a “prober” Base.

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Yeah Regency is a tough one. If the taps were more towards either side instead having 3 in the field it would be better. The map is beautiful but the taps ruin it.


Regency is one of the only maps where I feel a Jack with Forge is actually still useful. Just forget the taps you can’t defend.


Yeah, just don’t bring any tap dependant classes.

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I like almost all of the maps.

Easiest is obviously Overload.

Hardest would be Pahanu and Regency .

My personal favorite maps are Gridlock and Lift.

I also started liking Atrium when you set up upstairs (hate staying in the spawn, the same feel is when people set up in Arcade Room on District)


You know, I actually forgot that map was an option when I answered for easiest.

I hate that Overload even exists lol.

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Upstairs Atrium and Upstairs Turbine are way better than anywhere else on those maps. And Atrium has the Relic Embar which is like the best weapon in the game.

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