Which maps, characters and game modes would you want in Operation 2?

What to expect from operation 2. Characters, Maps and tour of duty rewards

New maps please. If we do get some remakes PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be something we havent gotten before.


Totally agree, it would be really cool if they add some gears of war 1 or 2 maps

Theres way too many great maps in this series to keep getting Checkout, Gridlock, Blooddrive, Canals ect. Hopefully TC has listened to us on this


Hopefully they do, now we wait we for operation 2 and see what will happen from there on

Maps: Clocktower, Gridlock (I hate it but it’s a staple and it was “leaked”) and a new map.

Modes: Wingman and Free For all (heavily teased by Ryan and Rod)

Characters: Lizzie Carmine, Baird, Paduk and Locust Grenadier

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Sam, presscott, dom, baird, bernie.

Good maps, new maps. None from older gears.

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When was Gridlock leaked???

This f^cking maps needs to retire. So tired of it. Its a sh^t map and has barely changed since Gears 1


Yeah , agreed , the map is pure boredom , I’ve played it to death.
Would love to see Hoffman , Pad Salton , the son of Bai Tak , Prescott , Dury , some original unseen characters , like for example Drew Rossi.
Would also love to see more skins for Marcus , Fahz , Hivebusters , more skins for Scion and Speaker.
New executions , new Escape intro animations , brand new settings Hives.
Would love to see Mortar , One-Shot and HoD reintroduced as power-weapons.


It’s a risk though, not bringing back Epic’s classics. TC really aren’t the best as designing Gears of War maps.

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Oh and as for the question, I want my damn Queen at least.

It’s early so I doubt it, but still. It’s deserved after the mess this game was released in…and is still in.

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The risk was not launching with it, which it didnt (thank whoever you pray to) Im so tired of that map. Its the same lame map over and over again. I can think of 20 maps that should be remade instead of that hot garbage

River and Process being the first 2 :wink:


What I would want as a minimum is:

  1. At least 5 new COG hero characters who are usable in Horde and Escape. At this point I’m not massively fussy who they are, but their hero skills need to he different enough from the current heroes but balanced enough so that they appeal and are useful as alternatives.

  2. At least 5 new Swarm-Locust characters.

  3. For the TOD rewards at least 7-8 new character skins for both sides to unlock; and some old Phantom weapon sets.

  4. At least 2 brand new never seen before maps.

  5. At least 2 old remake maps from an older game (while I have some favourites, I personally want focus to be on new ones). Jacinto is a favourite of mine.

  6. A new game mode. I’ve heard rumours of 2 VS 2; Overrun; and Wingman. I’d prefer 2 VS 2 or Overrun personally.

  7. Some more balancing to Horde, and a return for the Turrets. Maybe if they were limited to one being built at any one time? The turrets already appear in the game.


I actually want Legacy maps (including J) as I prefer Epics vision to TC’s the caveat being only maps we have seen once before .
I think a minimum of 4 of these, I think we will end up with 3 maps+ maybe 3/4 from the Gears 4 pool.

Characters: several! including Sam (Gears3) Delta, Myrrah,Locusts. Maybe Rager and or Karn.

Modes: Overrun, Wingman.

Horde: put locusts back, get rid of Supers…I know they will not of course, maybe for 5.0


Dizzy Baird Cole Dom myrrah carmines Tai Bernie Hoffman Prescott kantus Theron drone barrick. I’d be happy with any of these but if I had the choice I’d go with navy dizzy and myrrah-that would be my 2 pvp characters sorted. Yes wingman would be nice to play again and I’d happily take any maps from 12 and 3-ruins jacinto fuel depot mansion river azura etc

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I have been wanting river ruins and mansion to be brought over into the new games for a long time now.

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New ones

Come on, remember that chat we had?

You secretly like Gridlock, don’t you? :crazy_face:
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You KNOW I hate that map lol.

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