Which is your World Cup team?

Vamos Colombia!

There are several teams I’m excited to see play though, gonna be a good month!

Surely if you follow football you’ll say your own country.
Ingerland (England) for me.
Well get through the group and knocked out next game.
I’m at work for first 2 games of the day

The Spain Portugal game was a great watch.

Im from Portugal so Lets go Portugal :wink:

Aussies, not that I will watch any of it.

Yeah that was a great game. I am not a fan of Ronaldo because he is such a diva, but damn, a hat trick against Spain is impressive.

Australia. Watching V France right now haha

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Didnt even realise it was on :stuck_out_tongue: .

Unfortunately we lost :sob:

My condolences.

It’s been close though (except for the opening game), there could be some big upsets. Anything can happen in the Mundial! I’m psyched!

Obviously England. We wont get there, but I like the collective disappointment from the media from the days after we lose, like we will when Iceland faces us for round two.

Who do I think will win, is a much tougher ask, because a lot of the teams are even. Germany, France and Brazil are my favourites, with Belgium, Portugal and Spain being the Dark Horses.

I would like to see Portugal or Belgium win, but if I had to choose one I would probably pick France. I think Germany are missing a top quality number 9 who can finish. France have everything. A couple of great strikers in Griezmann and Benzema, a decent midfield with Pogba, Matuidi, Kante etc., a decent defence with Varane, Umtiti and such, and a good keeper in Lloris.

I know they don’t give me much confidence, especially after the match vs Australia, but I think it might be their time to win it.

Sadly, Ireland didn’t qualify this year, but nevertheless, I’ll be watching it on the TV! Been a few surprises already so far. I’m interested to see how far Iceland can go. Great result for them yesterday. I would also like to see Peru have some success too. Something about them just caught my eye. Unfortunate result for them,

France could be interesting, but yeah they’ll definitely have to step it up from their first game. They only took it because of the VAR on that second goal.

What is the general opinion of VARs use for the first time? I like it, I don’t think it slows down the game like.some people were worried about.

And the curse of the returning champs losing their first appearance continues with Germany! I watched that game in a Mexican bar (in Chicago) and people were going nuts. I couldn’t believe it.

I’ll give you Belgium as a dark horse, and throw in Croatia. They have some stars in their lineup. Portugal and Spain both have a real chance, but hell, getting out of that group is going to be tricky with Iran having a point, probably going beef up that defense and force a tie.

I’ll root for England too in their group! They could def get out of this stage. I’m curious about how Panama will play though.

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VAR was tested in some matches in England, and the general feeling at the moment is that it takes too long for a decision to be made. It breaks the flow of the match, for those on the pitch it feels like starting again after half-time. We don’t like it.

If you see video replay in Cricket, or Tennis, there is virtually no controversy, because the rules are easy to follow, and not subjective to an extent. In football, it could be a situation where one thinks its a penalty, and gives it to VAR to check, and that person doesn’t think it is. So no penalty is given. The process needs refining if it is to be continued in football. Otherwise, get rid of it.

I am typing this as I am watching the England vs Tunisia match, and I’ve spotted two penalties that could’ve been given for England, so it’s not looking good for the system nor the referee.

Belgium looked good today, I know it’s only Panama, but they have been the only good side that have won convincingly this World Cup.

Us English love to make things difficult for ourselves, so whilst we are second favourites to go through, I am sure that we will not take the easy way if we get there.

I agree! Peru was overall the better team throughout their match, but they couldn’t finish in the box. Obviously easier said than done. Still I’m looking forward to their next match too.

Iceland has a tough group with Croatia yet to go. I think they are the Cinderella story they hopes to see. However I’m reserving judgement.