Which is the hardest map to master on horde?

Dear gears community

I want to know which map is the hardest to master on horde. Some of them look really difficult to master aka Dam. Dam is hard to master, quite often I lose at wave 30 odd. Like yesterday, Although, I had JD, KAIT, engineer, Lizzie and Jack and I still failed it :joy::joy::joy:

I’d say Icebound.

Out of all maps, I’ll say that Dam, Icebound and Reclaimed are hardest maps to master. And only due to openness that gives more chances to get wiped out by Guardians, Sentinels and Kestrels.

Yesterday, I’ve managed to master Reclaimed but at 50th wave we were pinned down by swarmak, somehow JD get out of this hell alive and we’ve managed to survive.

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Really Dam. Lol, that’s the only one I have done!

I’ll argue about saying that forge is easier. At some aspects, yes, you can have power taps in your base, but on other way, you have kestrel and swarmak, which exhibit does not have. For me that’s the indicator of easy map. Rest maps is just individual ordering.

Every map becomes hard when you have incompetent team mate(s). Then it’s just a comparison of which map would screw you over and punish the fastest. I would think Vasgar. District would probably seem the easiest if you could take out everything in the Arcade doorway single handed.


I dont think there is an easy or a hard map. It all depends on your team and what they do. I played Icebound and mastered it first try and it was only because my team was capable of holding the line. I never went oh this a tough map but I have gone oh F me side ways this is a s**t team lol. Only time I have tough maps is when for example Cole decides he can go around and one win it by punching everything, baird refuses to build lockers on request (can’t believe I have to ask a maxed out engineer to build locckers or a forge at master difficulity) and jack hijacking enemies during a boss round and taking on the horde himself when the entire team is down and is being picked off one by one by a pouncer.

Now if your talking which is the hardest map to lay out defences then it would probably be pahanu or bunker. I have some experience on them but not from an engineer stand point so I can only say from looking at them.

I’d say that Icebound, Pahanu and Dam are your hardest 3 maps in my opinion, although I’ve never really had much trouble with Dam.

Bunker, Vasgar and Allfathers could pose a few issues to weaker teams with a bad set-up.

But at this point, I’d say the majority of maps are similar in difficulty, just because of the way the match typically goes after wave 10-15.

Unless you get the dastardly Sentinels to show up and decide they ignore all your fortifications that were set up and make a bid straight for the middle of your base. I don’t know if it’s just me but I find it a bit dumb that they made Sentinels in particular so annoyingly OP that JD often has to be relied on to prevent a wipe from them.

And Jack to keep someone invincible from dying.

Team rely on JD.

JD rely on Jack.

Kait could probably handle Sentinels if had Jack heal beam. There have been no JD Master runs done, so…

And Clayton with explosive stun.

Of course, but we had no Clayton. Plus the Sentinels often did not charge straight for the base to attempt causing a BS wipe and often stayed away or flew further away again more quickly. How would you handle it if they went straight past Sentries and everything else that was in place to hold enemies off right into the middle of your base on Vasgar when there’s no JD? Other maps are more open and it’s more difficult for the Sentinels to corner teammates even if they fly into the base, like District. And you can fall back into arcade room as a last resort if necessary(although I’ve had flyers get in there too).

And Kait handling the Sentinels is a million times less effective and slower especially because of the shield and that Guardians and Sentinels both like to turn their shield towards whoever’s doing the most damage to them, but JD easily avoids it by throwing Boomshots on top or on the side of the shield or just shooting GLs at them. While Kait would either need it turned around or shooting the weapon which does significantly reduced damage.

In my opinion Vasgar and Icebound is probably the hardest. Those are the ones I usually have the hardest time with.

I might add that this is dependent of where you put the fabricator. The Forge might not be a walk in the park if you put the fabricator at spawn.

Icebound, Bunker, Vasgar, Pahanu.

There are maps that make this more difficult, like Harbor and Dam for example, but if a Guardian/Sentinel flies through half of the map in 2 seconds and wipes your entire team, there isn’t really much you can do. Even a decent JD will struggle to take down a Sentinel on a mission.

But for the most part, if you get past wave 10-15 you should be good, depending on the team.

With Clayton and JD i find neither flyers nor bosses really stand much of a chance… That leaves wide open maps where the flood of drones and drone elites keep downing you, giving the flyers the opportunity of fly in and kill people why the team is busy picking each other up…

I think Pahanu is that… So i think that is the hardest.

Icebound can be problematic because even if you block off the catwalk and the central entrance with the fab, you can still get crossed through windows… It is tough. I found that having marcus on top and jd in the bottom worked well, but i find myself kicked as marcus from games too often.

I never thought reclaimed in the spawn was hard… Jd stays back, clayton keeps a locker of salvos, easy as pie…

Vasgar: i dont like that map, but played it not too long ago, as jack. Fab blocks off 1 side, jd handled the main stairs up, kait, baird, and fahz handled the stairs on the side… Even without clayton was fine…

If you have a team which includes a jd, jack, and clayton who know what they are doing, any non Pahanu map is easy, i think.

It"s not fun, or enjoyable, etc, but do able, if you play the way you need to play to win. The 5th can be anything, but lizzy with a cryo for emergency guardian situations works well, and adds freezing barriers to the mix…

I think harbor, all fathers, and icebound are also particulairly well suited to Marcus…

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