Which is the easiest Op 2 Hive to Master?

Additionally, could use some help mastering any one of them. Most of my classes are maxed with level 3 or higher cards and I more or less know what I’m doing even if I’m not always familiar with the hive.

Currently, The Blight if you take the easiest path while the doors are still glitched, assuming you know it.

Otherwise, The Link with an Infiltrator and/or competent Blademaster is also not very difficult.

I recommend those two in particular as Ice Queen, Detour, The Line and Warren can all throw some things in your way to make it harder than necessary. Blight and Link currently are fairly straightforward and not that hard to do unless your team really sucks.


Although Cole/Brawler is very good for both The Warren and The Detour (if you just take the first saferoom rather than going through to the end), so these two hives can be pretty easy. Class dependent though as you say.

Overall, definitely The Blight, but this depends on you learning the easy route which allows you to skip over many encounters.

I would say Detour still is a bit more complicated because of all the Drone Elites in either second act for Detour while you have no Longshot(unless you have the Brawler also using a ranged build which wrecks things pretty hard), and the ranged enemies on Warren can still mess things up for the Brawler even if Juvies aren’t an issue for them. Plus the Brawler may be incompetent. Blight and Link aren’t really hindered by most of that, plus there’s a way to get around the shotgun damage only thing for the Drones and Warden, if you know.


It’s just with The Blight, the venom is fairly fast, and the Scions have frontal shields which can make them a little annoying depending on the class you play as. Plus learning the route realistically needs someone to show you first time - and with randomers I’ve come across some very strange routes!

Agree with everyone.

Blight is by far the easiest hive to master in OP2.

the link