Which Horde classes should you use Tri-shot with?

Coming from someone who’s played a lot of Horde, I should know this answer.

I think it was OP 3-5, don’t remember which one, TC reduced the Tri-shot damage. Since then I just stopped using it at all, removed it from my play style, with the exception of Pilot (but I prefer the Mulcher).

But last night I was playing a master run and noticed someone was using Tri-shot pretty well.

So I haven’t kept up on the Tri-shot meta I guess, are there viable classes with this weapon in Horde now? Which classes and card combos work best?

As a general rule even weaker characters can mow down enemies with it on lower difficulties, but I’m talking high level difficulty situations.


Anchor class is very strong with a Trishot, especially with the bullet chain card.

Highly effective, headshots all the way.


Dude, forget about trishot/mulcher for Pilot, with a high Hammer card you destroy everything with Dropshots.

Pilot with a heavy weapon is so OP1-2 :grin:


pretty much the best way to play gunner. You have a perk that gives you infinite ammo with it, with the ult you have a decent getting out of jail free card, you have 60% damage res most of the time and you heal for 50% of damage dealt so pretty much instantly. Took me some getting used to and you won’t constantly out damage good players with meta classes but it’s a decent C tier for horde imo

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Tri Shot with Gunner is not the best way, you have a Mulcher Card with 80% more damage.


Tri-Shot…hmm?Definitely for the Mechanic :grin:!!!

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Unconventional choice, but 60% damage increase with 95% reduced recoil is a pretty good setup for a Tri-Shot Mechanic.

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Although is useful with Anchor, Gunner and even Veteran ‘cause it enables active reload effect to a heavy weapon using the ultimate, reaching 1500 damage per shot, personally I don’t use it due it overheats too fast, slow movement and slow ammo regen rate, better use their right weapons for the class, Boltok/Markza/Retro Lancer for Anchor and Mulcher for Gunner.
Mechanic and even Robotics Expert has DeeBee damage cards, getting benefit using TriShot but I prefer use Salvo or Embar respectively for them.

Everyone has their preferences, etc, there are many ways to play, no right/wrong.

Having said that, this is a conversation i have with someone i play with, on a regular basis.

He keeps gravitating to the trishot as gunner for only 1 rason: he can “pop heads” with it. It bypasses execution rules.

I try to explain, yes, that IS true, BUT that is only a factor in a very small percentage of enemies, and those enemies are not the danger.

The mulcher has a higher rate of fire and a slower overheat cycle, wbich lets you sustain a higher overall dps, combined with heavy charger gets your ultimate back faster. Which means for the enemies which most often cause wipes (guarduans, sentinels, kestrel, swarmak, etc) gunner is much more effective and valuable with a mulcher than a triahot.

But nooo… He wants to hear the head pop sound, and then we wipe on 35 or 45 on sentinels because his trishot overheats too much to be useful…

Lol… Each to their own…


He should play Veteran / Marksman instead…lol :joy:.

I like the Mulcher because Gunner has the extra damage 85% at max ? (I forget how much it is) Combined with damage perk, you have 135% of Mulcher Extra Damage.

Also, with Heavy Ammo Capacity Lv 6, a Mulcher gives you 538 ammo, but normally you don’t have enough ammo even you are Lv 10 chaingun ammo regen perk unless you have Lv 4 Locker shared with others ( 2 Mulchers).

Still, it’s about players’ preference choosing to have Mulcher Build or Tri-Shot Build since there’s a card slot if you don’t play for the Mulcher.

I would prefer Mulcher more than Tri-Shot even there’s an execution rule.

You heard it, guys. Elite Drones declared not a threat anymore.

And in the next thread you’ll complain about them again.

Should a) not happen with 92% damage res and b) blaming wipes on a single class when 4 other people are present is embarrasing. Sounds more like overall low skill level. If Fahz is present and controlled by someone capable Guardians and Sentinels get relentlessly bullied no matter how much spawn after the first one.

In Wave 35 perks should also be maxed out so let’s say your Trishot overheats and can’t shoot : pop the Ult and by the time you can shoot again your Ult is still running for 5 seconds and healing kicks in again meaning even the Sentinels will do jack-■■■■ against Clay.

@ OP Clay and Mac should use the Tri-shot, everyone else should use their designated weapon or be busy with building/carrying stuff around.


Didn’t someone do some testing and found that despite the Mulcher Mastery card, the Trishot is still stronger? Plus the Mulcher at range cannot gib enemies. The big disadvantage of the Trishot is that it overheats so quickly.

Preventing Go Down is a kind of Master skill :face_with_monocle:, which you can…well :face_with_hand_over_mouth:…bring all the resistance card you have, and sacrifice the potential of your class unless Blademaster.

I said it in Horde, Escape is another thing.

Learn from mistakes instead of relying on too much resistance cards (4~5).

Bait Armor and Heavy Deflect - Blast Shield is overkill.


Not sure if this is supposed to be sarcastic or not, but I’m pretty confident that my Uptime is above average in PvE.

Possibly is but it overheats that fast the mulcher is just far superior to me

Gib range is higher with the the tri shot though if I recall

It really isn’t that bad as everyone makes it out to be. Make sure to cooldown before it completely stops and you have a pretty frequent firerate. Most enemies will die from a few bullets anyway.
Wasting a card slot on the Mulcher is pretty stupid imo.

Infinite, I killed Drones across Speyer or Foundation before.

think gib range is the wrong word here: the trishot like e.g. the longshot has no damage falloff whatsoever, while you definetely notice a mulcher like a lancer becoming weaker the further you try to shoot. and ofcourse you can headshot and body shot from every distance with the trishot to bypass exe rules

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I prefer Mulcher since your DPS is through the roof and can melt almost anything with it. Sure the gib range is only ~10m but you have teammates right? If you can’t gib the ones further out, you have teammates that most likely can or even benefit from them going down (RE and Infiltrator come to mind.)

After they nerfed the Trishot (base damage lowered from 300 to 250 which is a 75 damage loss in Horde but since they changed how damage is calculated in Escape, it is actually stronger there now than it was before) it really lost a lot of appeal (the faster overheating doesn’t help) and I really only use it as Anchor depending on the daily in Horde. However, it is great in Escape so I use it there whenever it shows up (which isn’t too frequent).

Mulcher is just better overall IMO.

Combat Medic - Tri-Shot can give helpful headshots stim and also has Crit Damage Perk. Much stronger than using Lancer card and Rifle damage perk which I think is 140% on top of Lancer’s 82 base damage per shot, it’s also more accurate so you can reliably hit more helpful headshots

Gunner - Obviously, some argue Mulcher is better but both work

Mechanic - Tri-shot is strong already but can be even stronger if you equip the Debee weapon damage and recoil cards, but that also means giving up on useful engineering cards

Robotic Expert - Has increased Debee weapon damage to enemies with 50% hp, this whole class is just built around kill stealing :joy:

Veteran - You could use it during your Ult but will heat up too fast and will end up wasting a lot of time when you could use any Lancer and basically fire forever and extend its duration. Tri-shot not recommended unless you want to spice up your Veteran build

Anchor - Bullet chain: headshot kills grant more damage, tri-shot is great at getting headshots, crit damage perks and barrier damage amp also help for even more damage


I love the hammer, I love dropshots, no doubt.

However, I play a lot of solo horde and sticking a bleeding Mulcher into a Snatcher or Kestrel seems to do just fine at cutting them down, quickly, which is what I need sometimes.