Which Hive is better to lvl up Infiltrator playing alone on Master: The Link or Venom Run?

I’m close to get every card at lvl 6 with Gunner, so I need to do another hive when no one joins The Clock.

In another topic some players (don’t remember who) recommended doing those hives for Infiltrator.

Which is better? In terms of being “easier” to complete with low cards (I have that class at lvl 18, pretty sure that I have cards between lvl 2 and 4).

The Link is probably a bit easier and has two acts so you get an extra skill card, but Venom Run is faster (but more likely to fail amd need to restart). I’d say alternate the two so you don’t get too bored and burnt out on one.

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Thanks :+1:t2:

I’ll start with The Link then, if Venom Run is more likely to fail at least I can try and fail with better cards

Infiltrator is probably the most balanced class when it comes to solo’ing hives in my opinion. I’m not a solo pro or anything and haven’t explored this in as much depth as some other hardcore Escape pros, but I’ve managed to solo 15/31 hives using the Infiltrator (I’m counting The Hive and Past Hive as the same) which is the most of classes for me. Most hives feature a shotgun in some form - many have Grenadiers or Elite Grenadiers. If you’re adventurous and/or get bored you can try other hives too but I can’t really think of any that are easier or quicker than The Link and Venom Run.

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The Clock also starts you off with a Gnasher in the very first supply room on the left. And with some luck you can get an Overkill in act 1, but you always have one in the supply room of the shorter path of the hive in act 2 as well. But if you got the Drone Elite spawn at the start, the other hives mentioned are probably easier.

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I remember someone saying that the only two hives which never have a shotgun, are The Line; and the Wanderer. All others have at least a chance of one but RNG may be a factor.


Yeah that’s correct. It’s in my giant spreadsheet of nerdy PvE testing stuff lol. The Wanderer only has Hunters and Snipers & elite variants of them. And of course The Line is only Scions.

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