Which Gears has the best bots? Can be PvP or PvE

I’ve always said either 4 or 5 but this takes the cake. Gears 5 bots are unmatched.

I simply draw the line at being BackA’d over cover at lightning speed by Armored Fahz*

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Gears 2 bots are the most leathal, a gears 2 bot with a longshot or boltok scares me.

Gears 3 bots are as dumb as :poop:


Does anyone remember the Oscar bot from the Gears 4 beta ? He was an absolute god.

Surely there has to be some beta clips floating around on youtube.

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On TDM (Drydock) Gears 3 yesterday I was continually trolled by Baird Bot, to the point he downed/dbno me on the stairs at nades and actually waited for me to start to get up before sawnoff to the face, another time he 2 pieced-me! Getthefookout of here :wink:
The actual game was 3v3 with 4 bots, we won but still…

I remember this fairly well from Gears 3 bots lol

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The PvE bots from 4 were a hundred times better than the ones in 5… maybe because they only had to work in the Campaign, but they’d be quick to revive you pretty much every time if required. Unlike the bots in 5s Campaign and Horde where they casually stroll around or keep shooting instead of doing something.

Unless it’s Jack. If for whatever reason Del decides to be an idiot and get himself knocked on the ground in act 2 while you are, Jack will be there pretty quickly to get you up(I don’t know how that little robot does it, but he does it good).

Bolters. Before I even read the end of the sentence they were the first thing that sprang to mind.

Good times!

PvE Gears 5 100%

PvP Gears 4 imo

Landan2006 has some old vids of him 1v1ing a Gears 2 Insane bot on Canals and the bot would super him like it was nothing. Classic vids lol

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I was literally coming here to comment that exact same thing. It’s Gears 2 bots by a mile lol they are hackers

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Also a gears 2 bot hipfiring a mortar.:cry:

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Gears 2 bots doing anything is terrifying

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holy crap

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Gears 2 bots? I don’t remember them with precision weapons but I remember a game of wingman where the last two survivors were bots and they just hipfire/blindfired at each other from across the map with lancers until the timer ran out.

They didn’t like to lose.