Which Gears Game Had The BEST Soundtrack?

In your opinion, which Gears of War game had the best soundtrack?

As an add-on, if you feel there are some songs from certain games that are really good, what are they?

For me, the Gears of War game with the best soundtrack would be Gears of War 2.

Noticeable songs in other Gears games:
Gears of War 3-Finally A Tomorrow
Gears of War Judgement-High Seas Tension
Gears of War 4-Great Escape

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  1. That main theme is just too good.

Every Gears has good tracks though.


Hard to choose between 1 and Judgement…I’d say 1 had the best soundtrack, mainly because of 14 years after E-day (main menu theme) and the firefight music was just awesome.

Specific tracks I like from the rest:
Gears 2 - Hollow locust assault. When that choir kicks in it just feels magnificent.
Gears 3 - Stalk city and Finally a Tomorrow
Judgement - Jacked. This is honestly one of the best videogame tracks I’ve ever listened to.
Gears 5 - Family. I really wish they bring back this main menu theme. It just sets the tone for the game perfectly.

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This is never an easy question as I love them all besides Gears 4 and which are awful. It’s too much of a close call between Gears 1 & 2.

You just can’t beat the nostalgia that comes with Kevin Riepl’s soundtrack, but at the same time Steve Jablonsky’s work is just amazing. I mean Hope Runs Deep…come on.

Gears 5 actually had a decent soundtrack. It’s one thing they did get right.


Gears 1 hands down.

Gears 2 had the best theme song though

Judgement is second place for best soundtracks as a whole.


I’ve been waiting.
In order of games.


Tactics I can’t really include, nothing stood out that wasn’t just older Gears tracks.

“Gears Keep Turning” will always be iconic but “Hammer Meet Anvil” just goes so hard. My favorite Gears combat music, by far.
“Autumn of Mankind” and “Hope Runs Deep” are great, Gears 2 had a lot of good subtle music.

Gears 1 to me just sounds a lot more analog. I like how raw and different it is. The main theme reminds me of Isengard. But “Running with Boomers” is top tier. (There’s actually a riff in the G4 soundtrack somewhere that’s taken from Running with Boomers)
G4 isn’t all that special but the swarm theme “Rise of the Swarm.” The cello and bass used in the game revived my love of deep string instruments. “Cathedral of Pods” is great too.

G5 runs into the Tactics issue for me again, outside of the reused music it never quite stands out to me. I did like the remixed version of the older theme they put over the main menu. Also love that Hivebusters (Story) uses old Judgement tracks.

Judgement is just the G3 soundtrack–a bit more action and heaviness added to it, in reflection of Gears 3’s scale and finality. But man is it good. “Shibboleth” is fun as hell.

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Gears 2 had the best imo. The main theme still slaps.

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Gears 1. Hands down.