Which gears game are you goig to buy next year?

(crazychainsaws8) #1

I just wondering whichgears people are going to buy. Gears 5, Gears pop, Gears tactics, or all of them :scream::scream:

(SchizoPsycho74) #2

Gears 5 only.

(Ektope) #3

All if possible

(J4CKA1) #4


(GreatWhiteShark) #5

All of them. Tactics mainly for the achievements and Pop just because I’d be away from the PC/xbox lol.

I just pray that 5 will not be the sponging lagfest that is 4, with 2 different tunings and all that micro-crap stuff. But even I know it wouldn’t be realistic to ask for all that.

(TSG BlackUltrax) #6

Gears 5 only. I hope they bring back the feature to choose which region we want to play on. So for example now its 4 am in Germany and I can not find a single game in EU. It would be nice to choose US region especially at this time. I dont care if its gonna be laggy with a +90 ping, at least I could play some games.

Edit: or at least make it so that after searching for more than 5 minutes that a message comes up and asks you if you want to extend the search to other regions. Is that an idea?

(NUBinbound) #7

just 2 because one is free

(III EnVii III) #8

Pop looks like a major let down so probably Tactics and definitely 5.

(Duffman GB) #9

Gears 5 obviously and hopefully a ltd X console to sit next to the Gears360 (still sexy af) and Gearsxb1S.
Tactics is also a given.
Pop, might do but very underwhelmed at what I have seen.

(GB6 Kazuya) #10

Obviously Gears 5, you can’t be on these forums and not buy it. That’s illegal.

I may get Tactics as well, but Pop doesn’t interest me. Too juvenile.

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #11

Gears 5 only it seems, But if Tactics managed to impress me and is cheap I will get it too

(Bleeding Pepper) #12

Just Gears 5.

I’m hearing that Tactics will be a PC-only game -is that the case?

With Tactics I’m definitely interested in it. I love XCOM and if it’s at all similar then I think I’m going to really enjoy it but I don’t do PC gaming.

(HoesEatOreos) #13

none until i know gears 5 isn’t a total mess on pc