Which gears character are you quiz

Which character are you from this legendary franchise. Find out now by taking this quiz. Basically you answer all 6 of the questions, add up all your points low points aren’t bad so please choose your personal option. At the end of the quiz you will see who you are.

1- Pick your favorite weapon

A- Gnasher =40
B- Lancer =50
C- Breaker mace = 20
D- Hammer of dawn =30
E- Digger =10

2- If you could have one locust to be your personal body guard who would it be ?

A- Raam = 30
B- Skorge = 40
C- Muler = 20
D- Cyclops =10
E- Warden = 50

3- If you could save one carmine who would it be ?

A- Anthony = 20
B-Benjamin = 30
C- Lizzy = 40
D- Gary = 10
E - Clayton(let’s pretend he’s dead lol) = 50

4- How would your friends describe you?

A- Leader = 50
B- Smart = 30
C- Sarcastic = 40
D- Introvert = 10
E- Life of the group = 20

5- Who is your favorite couple ?

A- Marcus and Anya = 40
B- Dom and Maria = 50
C- Baird and Sam = 20
D- JD and Kait = 30
E- Gabe and Reyna = 10

6- Your favorite execution ?

A- Curb stomp = 40
B- Chainsaw = 50
C- Arm rip = 30
D- Meatshield = 20
E- Beatdown = 10

Now add up all your points !

•60 - 90 = Del - your the chilled smart guy that everyone doesn’t appreciate.
•100 - 120 = Fahz - your the sarcastic cool guy who thinks he’s better than everyone but deep down you aren’t a bad person
•130 - 160 = Kait - you are a person that keeps to yourself and doesn’t let everyone else’s problems bother you
•170-200 =JD - you feel like you need to prove something every once in a while just for the heck of it
•210-250 = Marcus - don’t give a sh*t about anyone or anything it’s just you maybe ur girl and the world enjoying or hating life.

Hope someone is accurate lol let me know if I should do more or if this is a stupid idea :rofl::rofl::rofl:


E-life of the group-20
=240 points =(Marcus)
Excellent idea Op,if it is ok ,then I would certainly do another quiz from yourself or any other member welldone my friend😎

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What if none of these options apply?

Then you are a Juvie! :grin:

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This was pretty cool I enjoyed that nice one

Mine was Fav gun - Gnasher
Loucust body guard - Raam
The Carmine I would save - OG Anthony Carmine
Friends describe me on gears - Leader
Best couple - Dom and Maria
Favourite execution - Curb stomp all day long

  • 230 - Marcus
    Answer = I don’t give a sh*t about anyone or anything just me and my girl and the world enjoying or hating life… sounds about right ngl :joy:

Glad some people are enjoying it lol

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I think you should of hid the scoring, everyone wants to be Marcus :laughing:
My answers

Good idea . And I guess you’re kait lol :ok_hand:t2:

1 - B(since there’s no Longshot)
2 - A
3 - Obviously C, what did you expect?
4 - B or D, both somewhat apply
5 - Don’t really know, so I’ll go with C. And JD/Kait isn’t a thing that was ever confirmed nor seriously hinted at.
6 - Don’t know what to pick there.

I’d likely land around Kait or JD… but I’m more like what you see as “Kait”. Minus maybe the not caring about other’s problems.

Where did this idea even come from?

I was bored :rofl: Come on man JD and kait not a couple, it not yet but it’s like inevitable (hopefully) lol

I don’t dig JD and Kait. I don’t want it to happen partly because I simply don’t trust TC to not turn it into a cringeworthy romantic drama that has no place in the story.

Now Fahz and Kait, that would be worth it purely for the fact that Fahz was joking to Kait “Stop falling in love with me” at the start of Act 4.

Ya I also have that fear but I still hope it happens. But if it happens to Fahz I’m gonna cry out of laughter and sadness lol

Scored 140. I’m Kait apparently. Not happy about my life choices right now :frowning: