Which Gears and why

We’ve all had questions regarding the direction of Gears of war regarding questionable design choices. In fact there have been numerous posts outlining very valid issues (some of which still present to this day). So, with that said: Which Gears of War is your favourite and why?

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I’ve got very fond memories of GOW2 as it was the one that really got me into the series. I had GOW1 but never played multiplayer, so GOW2 was my first leap into playing it with other people online. Horde was great as well. The campaign was really enjoyable and there was a real sense of mystery around the Locust, and for humanity it felt like a last stand. Environmentally it was still dark and gritty (whereas GOW3 was far too sunny in my opinion). It hasn’t aged well overall and feels stiff and slow when I replay it nowadays, but then most of them haven’t.

GOW4 despite its issues on release plays smoothly and in my opinion has the best iteration of Horde (I’m primarily a Horde player) so I guess this ranks quite highly too. It felt great to be able to build you base anywhere and place fortifications exactly where you wanted it, whereas in GOW3 you couldn’t.

Overall I’d say Gears 4. That could change over time, but that’s where I stand now.

Gears Judgment


I might be an anomaly, but I had a lot of fun playing Gears Judgment. I’m a fast pace type of player, so Judgement gave me that.

How can I play GOW2 or GOW3 on PC!? :thinking:


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Gears 3.

Some reasons:
4 player EPIC campaign. To this day the most fun I have had in ALL gaming (gaming since Vic 20 days) was playing this with 3 online mates on insane over several weekends.
Horde 2.0
Massive array of mp modes.
Load out choice (although J is even better on that front)
RAAM dlc

I love the original trilogy so very much.


Mostly Gears 3 because:

Gears 3 Campaign - 4-players Co-op, RAAM’s Shadow
Gears 3 Versus - Including Sawed Off and Quick matches for TDM, Guardian, KOTH. Semi auto Hammy. Most fun
Gears 3 Horde - Basic fortfications and freedom in weapon choices. Even handheld Hammer of Dawn and One Shot. Mutators made it fun.
Gears 3 Beast

Gears 2 Campaign
Gears 2 Horde

Gears J Campaign - Declassified
Gears J mechanics - Meatshield / Boomshield with weapons that isn’t pistol. Dropping down from height.
Gears J Overrun

Gears 4 Horde

Gears 5 Campaign - Characters
Gears 5 Escape
Gears 5 Horde

It’s complicated for me.

Gears 5 WOULD have been my favorite if it…

  • Didn’t launch with gamebreaking bugs in Campaign
  • Didn’t launch with that god awful knife lunge, braindead melee spam with the Mace and bugged Gnasher.
  • Launched with Beast Mode (Jack clearly shows that it’s there, I know it’s on the way)
  • Launched with a Classic Horde variant.
  • Built Horde off of 2.0 and not 3.0
  • Didn’t launch with the Hero System

Gears 3 is still my favorite overall package.

Gears 5 and UE are my favorite for Versus in the series. They’re totally different beasts but they each work so well on their own which is why I believe Gears can work either slow or fast so long as it’s a polished game.

Gears 3 and 5 are tied for favorite Campaigns.

Gears 3 still has my favorite PvE with Horde and Beast.

I never got to experience Overrun, I’ve only recently been playing Judgment.

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GoW5 pvp is the best. If they added more maps I would be so happy. Not like 3 every operation. But I can’t get mad at them. It just be a great way to pull players back to make unique maps or bring all the old maps back.

As for story , I like GoW for nastalgia. I just love the gothic theme. I felt the pain the gears were going through. Love how much testosterone was in that game. GoW5 seems the weakest when it comes to testosterone. Got so many wimpy cog characters & the woman don’t look as fierce. At least not until they bring back Bernie or Sam.

Oh & the world on fire theme in gow1 & 2 … I could stare at that for a long time… just listening to the music… still gives me goosebumps… GoW5 is all pretty with a church & an up beat marching tune with a war horn… what a contrast… I like GoW5 too but it’s two different spectrums…

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Great points.

From a story perspective, it makes sense that the COG soldiers would be a little less muscle-bound now. In the books, it is stated that soldiers get to eat the best food because they are the first and last line of defense for humanity. The books even say that the soldiers almost looked like a different species from the civilians. Since the locust were defeated in Gears 3, it makes sense that the soldiers no longer had to bulk up.


Gears 1 before the party system came. Everyone talked sht before and inbetween rounds
It was awsome.

Why doesnt tht exsist now. Even when your not in a party. You cant hear your opponents inbetween rounds or after. You have to type and tht sht takes forever to type. Everyone leaves before you can day anything tht is longer than 4 words. And u can say sht really inbetween matches.

That and extreme hormones for super fast maturity for everyone was a thing too. It gets insane in the books and comics.


You are correct though I’d recommend having a fairly beefy rig before attempting that.

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I love all the Gears MP 1-4, I have hopes for Op3, Gear4 is my favourite MP with how it plays now.

Gears 3 story line is great

Gears 1 weapon aiming/trick shots

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Jus small convo. Which Gears did/do u like the most over the years

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Gears 3. Brings me back the last great times i had with my online friends before we grew up with life. I miss those days :persevere:

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if i may, which mode did u guys run on?

Tdm quick match