Which gamemode is the best for getting xp?

It’s for 60k xp totem requirement

High level escapes.



horde of course.

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I play what i enjoy…nothing more nothing less

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Sorry mate, Escape is better than Horde for XP.

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For the totems I just play, what I want, that´s most horde. But to level up the chars escape is a very good option. The swell (translated from Google, dont know if this is the real name of the map in english) is good for it, because you can run through it and if you failed and have restarts on, than you can try it again right away. On insane that gives good points, but no extra scions. They spawn most at the exit and then you haven´t a chance, when you have just your pistol. :smile:

Yeah I play mainly pvp and I know for a fact it’s not a quick way to get xp. High level escape like DaxterDude said is the way to go.

what’s not to love about horde man … we have to wait for the horde map editor, with that we’re gonna have a blast man :slight_smile: @foosniper

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Heroes and grinding unwanted cards…has severely diminished…what a great mode horde once was…just a case of making the best of a bad job🙄

well man strictly speaking of the quality of horde, still 3 and 4 its the best… however the lancer gl ( aka FREEDOM LANCER) I have to admit i’ve been having a lot of fun using that weapon on horde.

however gow 3 horde still its the one that I consider best.

Firefight, Living Dead, Swat, Action Sack, Invasion etc.

Oops, wrong game.

Gears 5…ummm…nope, got nothing, all I can see is the ‘cycle of garbage’ ie playing garbage to earn xp to get garbage…

KOTH used to be decent until 30 cap 10 break enforcement.

High Level Escape if you can do it. It’s been depending on what the weekly Escape map is, what difficulty I’ve been doing.

Otherwise, Horde.