Which ending of gears 5 is canon ? And ideas for storyline for gears 6

Ok I know it’s a bit late for this but it’s always been on my mind. I only recently joined the forums so I wound really like to hear what u guys think. I always felt that in the gears 6 that we are going to see a swarmed version of Jd or del and maybe we get to bring him back to life. Because let’s face it no offense to del but it would only be right for a Fenix to end the war not Fenix friend lol: I mean picture Dom at the end of gears 3 and Marcus dead … it doesn’t work. So I have a good feeling that both of them will be back either in gears 6 or of there is a gears 7 which I also think is gonna happen. Well the story for gears 6 could go 3 ways.

1- It was a vote - remember the carmine must die or save carmine. Well maybe it’s the same. TC is holding a world wide vote so if majority of the world chose JD to die then he will stay dead in gears 6.

2-two different campaigns- well this is unlikely but it’s also very likely it’s basically 50 50. For this option they’ll maybe do a previously on gears prologue then u will make the choice again. Then the game will carry on from who u chose. There will definitely be different dialogues and scenes so that’s my guess.

3- it’s JD- the simple option it’s just JD. Del is dead in gears 6 and this choice was just for interest and shock which we come to expect from a gears game but thanks to that choice the shock came back. Lol

Now I have that feeling that gears 7 will be the final game. I might be wrong but I’m gonna hold on to it.

So for the storyline is going to be about hunting queen reyna and getting revenge and maybe finding or building a new weapon to end the swarm. Maybe also similar to Adam Fenix’s machine. Or maybe a cure to turn the swarm and juvies back to humans but that might be unlikely.

Ok Im willing to bet that we are going to see a swarm version of JD or del and maybe a mini boss fight. Or maybe they give us another choice to kill him or try and save him OR ! He doesn’t even come back at all… I will hate the campaign is that’s the case.

I think if JD or del comes back to human by some miracle we need to see the JD and kait romance it’s a really cute couple and it’s still a better love story than twilight lol. And well it’s not a gears game without death so I think we should prepare now already lol.

And one last note I would like to say please give Marcus and Fahz more game time. They are my two favorite characters (from gears 5 not other gears games)

Gears 6 has a lot to live up to considering the success of gears 5 campaign. But all we can do is wait and see

Cheers :ok_hand:t2:


The one where Lizzie isn’t dead and she tackles Queen Reyna out of the way long enough for everyone to make it out.

Ok, it isn’t, but wishful thinking. TC haven’t yet told which “choice” which isn’t really a choice, is canon.

What if its all a dream in kaits mind and nothing happened since gears 4 :rofl:


If Lizzie was alive and with them for that moment, would’ve been a great way to kill her off.

Maybe these games don’t feel the same because we dont have a carmine running around with us


As long as TC admits that killing off Lizzie was a bad idea instead of going “Hurr durr Carmine must die”, I’ll be somewhat fine.


I don’t think they should’ve killed her at all but that’s details. We clearly can have more than one Carmine running around in a game and Clayton still keeps (narrowly) avoiding everything the planet throws at him. So why do they have to die all the time instead of keeping the more promising ones?


You know now that you point it out, I agree.

Lizzie was obviously a fan favorite and If T.C. wanted to do something different from epic letting Lizzie live could’ve been that. They already killed Gary so it’s not like they NEEDED to kill her and the dynamic she couldve had with Kait and del if she was part of new delta as our new carmine would’ve been great.

Missed opportunities around every corner.

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That choice should have never been there, but IMO, JD lives. Reyna/Myrrah kills Del.
If they make the sequel so that both died (the other one off-screen) and it carried no weight, it will be terrible storytelling.


I saw at least some point in Gary’s death. He had at least a little bit of time to dodge that drop pod. But Lizzie didn’t do anything wrong to get herself killed unlike the previous Carmines in the games(those who died, anyway).

Reyna lies supine, the shattered remnants of the Kraken behind her. She stares as the ghost of Queen Myrrah materializes over and the glow dissipates from her eyes. Myrrah kneels down, and cradles her daughter’s head, neck and shoulder so they can properly look at each other.

Reyna : Mother? (With her last burst of energy, Reyna places a hand on her mother’s chest.) Is it… over?

Myrrah lays a comforting hand on Reyna’s wrist as she answers.

Myrrah : At long last. No queen rules forever, my dear.

Reyna : I see… only darkness… before me…

Reyna’s eyes roll back, her hand falling from her mother’s to the ground. Myrrah closes Reyna’s eyes and just holds her girl as Kait walks closer, just past the inner ring towards her shattered family. As she next speaks, Myrrah gently lays her daughter on the ground.

Myrrah : Without its master’s command, the restless Swarm will become an even greater threat to this world.

Myrrah stands, looking at Kait as the gear meets her gaze.

Myrrah : Control must be maintained… There must always be…(Flash of lighting lights up sky behind her with deafening crack of thunder) a Locust Queen…

Myrrah’s ghost disappears, and Kait shields her eyes from the blinding light. With the freed souls gone, Kait picks up the Queen’s Crown with one hand and examines it, looking into the face as her refection in the gem set in the forehead is split between the two facets.

Kait : The weight of such a burden… … It must be mine, for there is no other to–

??? : Kait…

Kait looks up in response as someone calls her name.

??? : You hold a grim destiny in your hands, sister … but it is not your own.

The scorched caricature of Lizzie Carmine is revealed, sitting atop of a throne in the distance. Kait’s tone is heartened that Carmine is not dead in one moment, but equally horrified the next as she takes in Lizzie’s condition.

Kait : Lizzie… By the All-father Prime…

Lizzie : The hammer’s flame… sealed my fate… The world of the living can no longer comfort me.

Kait ascends the stairs to the Throne as she takes the last two steps to stand before Lizzie.

Lizzie : Place the crown upon my head, Kait. Forevermore - I will be the jailor of the damned.

With a shake of her head, Kait turns her back on Lizzie, preparing to walk away.

Kait : NO, old friend… I cannot…

Lizzie : DO IT KAIT! You and these brave gears have your own destinies to fulfill. This last act of service… is mine.

Kait closes her eyes in a moment of pained resignation and turns back to face Lizzie, cradling the helm in both hands. The two gears look at each other for a few moments before Kait next softly speaks, sadness in her tone.

Kait : You will not be forgotten… sister.

Lizzie : I MUST be forgotten, Kait! If the world is to live free from the tyranny of fear - they must never know what was done here today.

Kait nods solemnly. Lizzie bows her head to accept the unimaginably powerful artifact as Kait slides it onto her. For a moment the Throne shakes violently in response and Kait glances about, then back to Lizzie. Lizzie raises her head and when she opens her eyes there is a flash of light: they are glowing red through the eye slits of the helm. The gem has instantly changed color to a fiery orange. The new Locust Queen has been crowned.

Lizzie : Tell them only that the Queen is dead…

As she speaks, a pale mist forms at Lizzie’s feet and rises to envelop her while Kait cautiously backs away down the steps. The squirming of tissue can be heard as Lizzie’s voice changes.

Lizzie/Locust Queen : and that Lizzie Carmine died with her…

The Throne changes shape as Lizzie is encased in a mass of flesh. From the bottom of the stairs, Kait looks upward at her.



Man imagine that lol

I hope Del dying is the canon one, he is the one that gets closer to kait and him gone would have caused a greater impact on her. And i want to see kait and JD get along and get closer again after what happened between them.

Besides… JD dying man, they cant do that to marcus, he has already lost everything.


The only issue… Kait wouldn’t have known Lizzie there well enough to care that much about her if she’d died by the Hammer strike JD called in. Let alone call her “Sister”.

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So I remain firm in my dream theory.

Kait is still hooked to the machine at New Hope.

That said, TC never did JD any favors in character development. He is the son of the biggest soldier on Sera for whatever belief they have sake. He was never fleshed out. He wasn’t made to be likable.

Del is likable but fairly one dimensional. Comedic relief.

For 6 I could easily see a scenario where Marcus is again in the lead. The loss of his son propels him to win the war once and for all.

He gives himself in a heroic battle to end the swarm. A man who lost literally everything.

If they stick with Kait…who knows.


Nice to see you are still around.

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There are like a hundred other threads about this if you wanna try using the search function.

A lot of people see Marcus return as the main lead for the next gears, but it wouldn’t be that nice, I mean Marcus is ma favorite character, but please let him rest a bit lol, I found him for now better as a support like in the 5, more in the logistic.

For the canon death, I see the death of Del canon, and JD back at the lead for the next gears ! The psychological Trauma than he got from Lizzie death and see Del dying in front of him I really see a great Character development in the future episode (Grown up and charismatic).


They’ll jus t retcon that it’s all been a dream since the end of gears3.

Anya tells Marcus he finally has a tomorrow … And then he falls over gasping for air. He had more imulsion exposure than Adam knew about so the shockwave in Azura had started a slow burn in him too.

Marcus is in the throes of death as his body breaks down and Gears 4,5 & 6 will be the hallucination in his dying mind of a future that never was.

And Del is really a Carmine love-child which is why there is no D. Carmine mentioned. (Elizabeth “lizzie” Carmine, and Gary “lame offscreen death” Carmine, but no F. Carmine either because the alphabet order is one the first parts of Marcus’ brain to vaporize)


Del’s death is canon, it’s obvious.

I don’t think we’ll see any Swarm versions of him returning either.


The series has dropped out of my favor, but I do check in from time to time to see how an old friend is doing.


I know exactly why JD isn’t the face of gears of war anymore…

But it will offend all the soft people on here that play a MA game… to have a reasonable discussion…

I tried & I got flagged when I was being honest with no intension to hurt anyone’s feelings… but the community is as soft as gears of war 5…

All I’ll say is the game went political.

Ironic how the forum rules state not to be political but here gears 5 is… & just gears 5.

No way shape or form am I trying to piss anyone off. This is my opinion.

Trust me, i think it’s a gigantic missed opportunity too…

So much so I’d say switching the main to Kait killed the audience.

I mean went from 3 million to 4,000 players…