Which Do You Prefer

good ole legacy era Classic Marcus

Or the slightly-different-facial-structured UE Marcus

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I actually like ue marcus. I’ll be honest a lot of the older character models where just fugly lol


Obviously the more graphically detailed version of Marcus is the better one.

If we are still talking younger Marcus, I prefer the Marcus that Epic would have used if consoles were powerful enough to render in the same detail of modern hardware. This was released alongside the lead-up to the launch of Gears 3.


Yea i’m mainly talking about facial features of classic Marcus/young and not so much graphics.

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you bring up a good point lol

Dont forget Baird. He had a crater face lol

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I like both versions of baird but I do prefer Gears 1-3 baird.

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Is there an option C ?

Oh technology:

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UE Marcus ftw,

I’d say the only character I don’t like in TCs graphics is Dom.
But everybody else got a major glow up for sure. Especially Baird,
he went from Kabal to Johnny Cage.

Hey don’t diss my boy Kabal like that, and screw Johnny Cage.

Kabal is one of my fav MK characters lol, but hes butt ugly :pensive:

Yeah the burnt version is but that’s it.

Tbh I actually really like his new undead look.

Kabal in the movie looked really good, Goro was the best looking character though

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The absolute disrespect thrown towards Bi-Han Sub Zero is unreal.

Bi-Han was good, chill :’(

I bet he’s gonna be Noob in there’s a sequel
I didn’t like Scorpions armor though, Liu Kang looked like a chick

Oh yeah without a doubt, Noob is a fan favorite. But now I fear Sub wont be as “cold hearted” (ha get it?) Since Bis lil bro isnt that way.