Which direction do you think TC should follow for a Gears 6 PVP?

it’s more accurate

It’s not mutually exclusive though.

Either way, I’d love to see the way the poll is written because as I said, I anticipate lots of bias, leading questions and leading statements throughout.

Broadly speaking it’s just a case of quantitative data VS qualitative data. Both can be subject to bias and other problems with methodology.

I will try to be unbiased as possible … maybe replacing the word noob for new players … I think that’s a good start

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If I could have everything else I’d take the Sawed-Off back.

I love the mention of the sawed-off because I’d wager a lot of people would agree that it doesn’t really bring much to the game, that the gameplay with it is boring/repetitive/one dimensional and it obviously doesn’t take a tremendous amount of skill to use, and once you have that baseline level of skill with the weapon the ceiling is pretty low.

That’s exactly how I feel about the GoW5, and GoW4comp shotgun. When you’re playing GoW5, it’s like you’re using a Sawed-Off that requires more skill to aim, but also has 8 shots in it.


That is exactly what I said in my previous post!! I couldn’t agree more!!! That’s why I want to know what players want … do they want an approach where the gnasher looks like the sawed off (Gears 5) or they prefer an approach like Gears 1, 2 and 3 where it’s harder to kill without aiming with the gnasher. The only part I disagree is that I don’t want the sawed off back …

Gears 4 core tuning without actives

Gg ez.

And some new fresh modes that dont follow the traditional versus play style.


I’d argue players need to make more changes or adapt better rather than TC make a perfect game for a every single player.

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But… but… but… player first!

Oh wait, that was EA’s short-lived motto wasn’t it?

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Fun while it lasted :disappointed_relieved:

It never really started though did it? I mean, it’s EA for God’s sake! They haven’t been good since the 90’s.

Don’t think so.

From EA, I’ve only played from Fifa '08-16 I believe. So can’t complain really lol

Completely agree. Prioritize making the game fun. The sweats will find a meta regardless. I hate when devs cater exclusively to the “pro” players everytime they complain. Halo 3 was a perfect example. Had plenty of social and competitive modes that were fun to play and compete in.

I like to sweat in matches but when sweating is your only option to have fun, then the game just becomes draining. Ranked is supposed to be sweaty but when I see coordinated 4/5 stacks in social, im just like “Seriously?”

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I think a revamped Overrun mode (or something similar) would help too. Don’t worry too much about balancing COG and Swarm teams identically, but just balance it differently to bring out each side’s unique qualities. It will never be precise, but it will be different and fun.


Reminds me of this little gem regarding Star Wars Battlefront 2’s AWFUL launch micro-transactions.

Competitive focused games can be fun (OW, CS:GO) and fun focused games can be competitive (Fort, CoD, Apex) — but by far the safest bet is trying to make the game fun first.

I am one of these sweats but also like to have fun. I dont really enjoy the whole 4 man lancering that happens in ranked modes but I understand when I need to do it but that is the opposite of fun.

We need fun modes like Wingman back. I just know me and my buddy Ultra will dismantle lobbies in that mode or me and my buddy Matt. I just wish it was a mode in 4 or 5.

that’s the thing, it’s sad to see gears such a dead game because it is either too hard for new players to get into or the way pvp is may be too inconsistent for new players.

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Ah yes, “surprise mechanics”. That one definitely didn’t age well for them.

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it’s too inconsistent for everybody

I like sweating in ranked. Not social. It seems your only option in gears 5 is sweat or be demolished. Which in ranked is fine, but when I want to chill and play a few games after work, I solo queue social. Then I run into coordinated stacks. Which just leaves me thinking “Why aren’t you guys in ranked?”

Also next time you talk to Ultra, ask him if he still wants the feet pics

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