Which direction do you think TC should follow for a Gears 6 PVP?

Would you like a new Gears with a noob-friendly approach like Gears 5, where new players can easily catch up, or a more skill-based Gears like Gears 1, 2, and 3?

If you don’t know why Gears five 5 is noob friendly, you can check this post where I explain this.

Here is the link for the poll and here are the poll results

Debating if it’s even worth adding anything of value…

You just created a new thread of the same topic since you’re old one got closed lol



No I didn’t … I want to know what players want … In my old post I just explain why Gears 5 is noob-firendly … that’s different … I would like to make a quiz where people can vote but I’m not sure if it’s possible

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Nonsense. In your very first post in that thread you specifically say this:

And seeing as it’s an open thread on an open forum, essentially invites people to say what they think and to agree or disagree.

Like I said I would like to make a quiz where people can vote and this would be very different… Is that possible here?

I would prefer they prioritize fun over it being a hyper competitive experience.


Instead of thinking about it as noob-friendly, non-noob friendly — it should be looked at from the perspective of gameplay variance. Gow3 has probably the most variance in gameplay we’ve ever seen, so I hope it goes in that direction rather than a repeat of Gow5.


See … that’s all I want to know what people want for a next Gears game approach … I would like to make quiz where people can vote but I think that’s not possible here…

I think there’s ways to make a poll and post it on here. Don’t know if it’s within the forums or outside.

If someone can show me how to do it than I can edit my post. Or I could search for a poll’s web page and add the link here … I will see what I can find

I just want it to have a good tuning, if the tuning of 5 pvp was better, the pvp of 5 would surely be more populated, if they go back to a tuning similar to 4 or 3 they would be fine, and maybe go back to the classification system of 4, the rest I don’t care if a veteran or a rookie plays it, it’s not like new people can’t get into the game, and if the ranking system works well, everyone would go at their own pace and play as they know, improving over time if they propose it

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I’m already anticipating lots of problems with the methodology. Leading questions, leading statements, leading value judgements etc.

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You mean bring back the SOS🤔

See the source image

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You know what you’re doing by recreating this topic.

Asking the same question to the same crowd of people again won’t get you various new responses. You’ll get mostly the same responses you got last time albeit with a disappointed tone.

So monotonous.

Like I said I will try to do a poll on this one with people voting … I want to see what most players want … that’s different …


Michael Scott is my spirit animal.


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So asking the same question in a slightly different way and asking them to give an answer in a different way (a poll). Honestly…