Which COG helmet looks the best?

A random thread but just curious on peoples answers.

The characters personality and story aside, what helmet is your favorite?

Mines Ben’s. Especially his old Tac-Com helmet picture.

A honorable runner up would be the NCOG Marine helmet, basically the 3rd COG Gear helmet variant from gears 1-3.

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I don’t have a favourite but there’s a good link to check them all out.

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Anthony’s was always my favourite even if we are just talking about 1-3’s version of the helmet.


I’m talking any version from the gears series.

Anything TC or epic made basically.

I always thought the Medic’s helmet looks good, especially the BS

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The one where your face meets my gnasher

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Tactics Onyx Guard Vermelo


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golden gear helmet

The one TC can’t haz.

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You mean the White Ranger?


more specifically Romeo


Recon is second place for me though :stuck_out_tongue:

The Hollow Storm COG helmets from Gears 2, aka Hollow Storm Clayton’s helmet since thats where the design came from.

Honorable mention goes to the OG Onyx Guard helmets.

Has to be the original Carmine, Anthony.

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343 ruined that helmet in later Halo games. I still think Mark VI is the best helmet in Halo 3 though.

It doesnt look that bad, ofc the halo 3 version is superior but I thought it would look worse.

ODST helmet aged fine too. But halo 3s is still superior.

There can only be one… Anthony of course.