Which classes have you kept banned in your lobby/game, and why?

For me it’s slugger, having bad experience with randoms that throw shocks when I’m playing cqc class.

None, because I am not a coward or a petulant old English Lord.


None, no way. Just players who I know suck.

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I feel bad when I saw lobbies that ban Jack :confused:


Just players. I refuse to perpetuate class war.

Although I will add that I will avoid lobbies that stipulate that everyone deposits up to wave 4/10/20/whatever.




When I’m doing class-only challenges, I ban them all. I think that’s the only good reason.

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About Jack, I still don’t understand why. Maybe because there are many Jack that are “idle” and just focus on revive teammates instead of hijack or even repair fortifications


I don’t really ‘ban’ classes from a lobby per se, but I am sometimes tempted to not take Marksman or Veteran in because one has the potential to make the match boring for everyone, though I don’t tend to see many random Marksman players capable of it, and well, playing alongside a Veteran just isn’t very interesting.


Does it count those Veteran who don’t share their ultimate and they are just walking/standing?


In general. I see little appeal in playing as or alongside a literal aimbot that descends into mediocrity otherwise. But I haven’t thrown anyone out for picking the class… yet.


I ban Marksman. Only rule really, other than just Engi building and lockers ain’t free.


One thing I don’t want to see in the next gears 6 is that x-ray, I’m simply not a big fan of that x-ray from marksman.

Same but I think it can be balanced to be okay.

They could’ve given Critical Parade a flat duration increase similar to when they nerfed Veteran’s feedback card to Focus. They could make it so he doesn’t do an absurd 90,000 or so damage in a single bullet. And he’s the only class that has reload bypass and doesn’t need to use an Ultimate to do so.


I don’t ban anyone in the lobby BUT if a Slugger is in the lobby I’ll always tell them “No Shocks” in the chat before we start.

Sometimes they quit, sometimes they go right in the game and use shocks and get kicked but usually they just go in and use frags and flashes like a sensible teammate.

Yeah,two ways to rebalance X-Ray in future could be:

(1) Don’t include anything that enables X-Ray to be extended - essentially don’t include a Critical Parade skill card.

(2) Instead of having a set time, limit it to number of shots that can be fired. E.g.: each use enables 3 shots to be fired. To compensate maybe reduce the recharge time or something.

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None. My lobby title says “ be good”.
But I will kick a PLAYER who won’t listen or sabotages the game for every one else.


Can you explain why you ban Marksman? Is it because of the X-Ray with Longshot that wipes the entire wave? Recently, I’ve been playing Icy Precision Explosive Markza, so I wasn’t expecting any major kill count or damage.

All the classes in the game have something, card(s) that affect their ultimate apart from Slugger and Striker. I think Marksman could benefit from a faster recharge card that isn’t not taking damage for 2 minutes to speed it up. It could have something similar to Recharge Bounty or Robotics Expert precision headshot speeding up ultimate. That’s if not Critical Parade.

Agreed 100% with this!

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