Which classes don't have perks or skill cards to regenerate ammo and most of the time need lockers?

After playing as Jack for many operations, I’m close to get every card at lvl 6. So when the prize for daily horde is exp, I’m using Architect or the other engies.

I found some Demos asking for 2 lvl 4 lockers, and there was a time that I build 3 lockers for Demo, Marksman and Gunner, but only Demo used it.

I know that Demo can play without locker (I don’t know if it’s because of perks and/or cards) but that isn’t the main way for Demos to play.

Any tips will be appreciated, sometimes no one deposits and building a locker that will not be used it’s just a waste of energy


Demo can get by with just one locker although it becomes more difficult if the engineer isn’t using overclocked.

A good Marksman doesn’t need a locker and will just buy longshots but its suggested for them to use lockers to save energy. Even then a Marksman only needs Lv2/3 locker, 4 isn’t needed.

Heavy Weapon gunners with Lv10 ammo perk can last off of a single mulcher. It’s still suggested they get a locker for tbows and other heavy weapons though.

Classes that usually need Lv4 Lockers

  • Demo
  • Pilot
  • Gunner

Classes that only need Lv2-3 Locker

  • Marksman
  • Nomad
  • Veteran
  • Combat Medic

Classes that only rely on Ammo perks/Ult

  • Anchor
  • Gunner (just make them a locker anyways to be safe)
  • Veteran (me personally even with ammo perk I still like 1 or 2 locker spots)
  • Tactician

Classes that can get by using ammo crates

  • Blademaster
  • Infiltrator
  • Nomad?
  • Veteran
  • Robotic Experts

So tired of seeing people who aren’t these classes grab ammo crates…If no one is taking them that’s fine but ultimately its better to leave them for any of these people, as if you’re playing something else you have better options.

I don’t play Brawler or Promo’s
hopefully this helps.


Gunner using Torque Bow build needs a Level-4 locker.

I agree yes

I learned alot from my gunner thread. I really appreciate everyones feedback.

Frankly there is absolutely no need for any class to “need” more than one level 4 locker regardless of whether the engineer has any form of overclock or not. Not even the Demolitions.

Two things here - first the Demolitions needs to make their shots count and not be wasteful with their ammo. Are they wasting Boomshots on single weak enemies like Rejects and Juvies?

Secondly, it also begs the question of what are the other players doing? The Demolitions shouldn’t be the only one fighting and I’d expect other players to be pulling their weight too.

Just to add, if a Demolitions is really nagging you for a 2nd locker, then fine. However I would only think it be acceptable to buy them this 2nd locker AFTER everyone else has what they need; and after other things like Barriers are built; and if you’ve got the money to spare. A 2nd locker is not a priority at all and there is no way in hell I would buy the Demolitions a 2nd locker before another team mate gets their 1st locker.


Just to add that Infiltrator, Striker and Blademaster could get by with a level 2 locker or something. Not so much for ammo but for weapon storage - it helps to be able to keep a spare Overkill or Breaker Mace somewhere just in case they lose theirs. The Infiltrator doesnt spawn with an Overkill and no class spawns with a Mace.

With Overkills these weapons are a bit rarer nowadays as the Elite Swarm Grenadiers don’t always appear with all enemy spawn presets - the Locust ones have replaced them in some presets and they carry Gnashers only. And DR1’s are the only other enemy that carry them.

And Breaker Mace’s only come from Wardens so it’s always nice for a Blademaster, Striker or Protector to be able to store a spare.


What @SH00BiE_D00 wrote is more or less accurate. It always depends on the player and their setup of course. A super efficient Veteran does require a level 4 locker for instance.

I guess the general rule of thump is probably something like this:

  1. If Demo in team, first locker for them
  2. If Pilot/Marksman in team, second locker for them
  3. 3rd locker for anyone else

Generally I just end up building 4 lockers pretty much regardless of class-setup since it never hurts when everybody has a locker. 3 lockers are almost always used in any Horde match. And it doesn’t hurt to have a locker for yourselves with some Booms/Drops or whatever. In a full match I end up building 4-5 lockers eventually. No class should ever require 2 lockers at once or they’re a terrible player.


Very detailed info, thanks :+1:t2:

As Nomad, I can live off the land just fine. Ammo capacity perk really helps. With Marksman, I usually use a level 4 but only use two slots and let someone like RE put some things there as well.

Combat Medic usually can live without a locker depending on what they do. Veteran can be fine without but the occasional box pickup if available helps.

Gunner, it depends on build and team and mode.

Pilot definitely needs one.

Demo is best used with one. One 4 full of Booms should be fine.

Brawler can use his regen to keep his Scorcher full (4-5 points in it is usually fine for a while.)

Mechanic is usually passive in nature.

Architect could use a small locker but can usually live off the land.

Striker, Protector and Blademaster need a crate to fill up Mace (shotgun too in Protector’s case)

Infiltrator is fine with crates since Gnasher gets generous ammo.

Slugger can usually live off the land with stuff like Lancers and Claws and the occasional grenades bought. In a 50, Slugger can get by without grenades for a while since a flat 60 percent boost to gun damage is very good.


For Blademaster, the only thing the class needs are the perks tbh. During base building though in 1-50s I dont buy maces. Every “army” set of enemies will have wardens on wave 8 or 9 so i wait until then and take the mace from the warden. Usually by wave 10 my friend wicked has the necessities for her base, barriers in the spots she prefers and everyone has lockers that absolutely need them. After that she builds extra stuff and then if my mace break ill buy a new one if needed but usually there’s an ammo box for me to take. Im mostly buying flashbangs from the fab.


I don’t know how any JD player can get through 2 lv 4 lockers, I wonder what they are doing with that many slots? In my mind 1 lv 4 is enough for all classes, if more are needed then I think there is some inbalance in how much each player of the team contributes or something wrong with the playstyle.
I see some replies claiming locker slots aren’t needed for some classes, which has me worried since for some of these classes I 100% need a locker when playing them. Make sure you don’t take anything that’s mentioned in this thread as an absolute truth, people have different playstyles and their dependence on lockers will vary. For additional perspective, here are my minimum locker requirements (requirement may be larger for some classes if the rest of the team falls short on contributing to kills):

Lahni: No locker needed in the beginning, 1 slot later in the match is nice to store a spare mace or be able to recharge the mace carried.
JD: 2 slots required
Kait: 1 slot required
Fahz: 2 slots required
Paduk: 1 slot can kind of work, 2 slots is way better
Mac: No locker needed
Cole: No locker needed
Clayton: 2 slots required. Previously I had the fast freeze card equipped, then I would even need 3 slots minumum
Lizzie: 2 slots required
Marcus: No locker needed, though I could see a case being made for having one slot.
Cog Gear: 1 slot required
Keegan: 1 slot required
It’s been a while since I played Connor, Emile and Grace so I’m unsure of their requirements right now.

MAYBE Combat Medic but I’ve played with this class and I never use lockers too, it gets some ammo when a wave ends as any other player in the match,and also sometimes I pick up the ammo boxes and is enough.
And those Demolitions asking lockers and are useless, disgust me. You already watched me play with any class and never use lockers both 12 and 50. Me using Demo I get ammo with the boxes and the ammo regen perk and is enough for me, planting grenades every wave is a plus to clear waves more safer and faster, but also isn’t necessary and sometimes I don’t use those cards.

The simplest tip is use all your ammo first, at the end of the wave the game will give you some ammo on some ballistic weapons, the rest you need to pick up the ammo boxes, but also think if actuallly you need it or let other player pick up, increase your accuracy, be more efficient killing using the less ammo possible, not being those dudes who always use a boomshot o GL explosive to kill a single enemy that is being killed by another player.

Edit: My favorite match was me as Nomad on Vasgar, 50 waves, never used locker. Does it mean I lose efficiency? no, the engineer didn’t need money after all and when I finished level all my perks, I give my money, I defended a lane myself and almost no issues at all.

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Pff, no. Ammo crates only give 4 Longshot bullets and like 5 or 6 Embar shots, that’s enough for about 2 Drone kills with either weapon once they get their double health. Robotics Expert only has a headshot perk and that crappy Experimental Weapons card, it burns through ammo like crazy.

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By those weapons you mention makes me wonder, am I the only RE who prefers to use TBow instead of other weapons? One headshot is usually enough to get kills after perking (once 2x health venom) and get super fast repairs,. (And yes I know Embar is better at the beginning to stun Scions).

Ammo Crates only give 2 Torque Bolts, which also happens to only be enough for 2 Drone kills.

Also, I could be wrong about this, but IIRC the Torque Bow doesn’t work with Inspired Sniping. That card greatly accelerates the RE’s ult recharge, so I like to stick with weapons that work for it.

As a Vet I just need 1 slot at the locker to store my extra Longshot. So I like to share a locker with anyone. Usually Demo or Pilot.

Unfortunately most random Demos are greedy and don’t let me use the one slot :frowning:


I’m just saying, considering you want to play the most broken Veteran build (which is based entirely on Longshots), you’ll use up 4 Longshots. Having to buy one or two from the fab will waste Ultimate duration.

However, Veterans are banned in my lobbies anyways so nothing to worry about. :wink:

Preach it…drives me nuts when a demo needs 3 lockers…I always wanna ask “is your aim that bad bro”

I also love it when a Mechanic builds the first level 4 for the demo…then doesn’t build another locker for like 10 waves so it’s like you as another class are just depositing for 20 plus waves all for the demo…it’s ridiculous to me

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As a Robotic Experts you are classified as a support. You aren’t really suppose to be a killing machine to begin with. You use those Embar shots to heal your barriers and stun dangerous enemies like Scions and Guardians.

I’m very passionate about Robotic Experts, so I believe that the Crit Perk+ EW is a healthy balance. Do you know why? What’s stopping me from running Crit+EW, Sentry Cards and Fort dmg perk? Suddenly I’m no longer middle class as damage.

to wrap this up I definitely do make myself lockers Vanden if people are taking crates, I just do it last. I can hold off if the team is doing DPS.

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Robotics Expert is definitely a very good sniper class. You dont have to play the class like an engineer which is why i like RE.

You already know this though, obviously lol was just adding on to your comment