Which classes are meta and off-meta?

When it comes to randoms, I mostly see them play as either Demo, Veteran, Mechanic or Tactician. Those are the most common classes I tend to see. Does this mean they are meta, because most of the Gears players are not on forums and if they tend to play certain classes more often than others, does this mean they are meta? Some might just be levelling, so that might not count.

In Operation 1, it used to be JD, Kait, Marcus, Del and Jack. Fahz wasn’t that good at damage, unless used Tri-Shot. Then Combat Medic (COG Gear) came along and people demanded it more in lobbies, so kinda became a meta, interchangeable with JD, Kait or Marcus. There were only few classes and duplicates weren’t allowed yet, apart from glitching.

When it comes to Blademaster, you don’t tend to see randoms playing them. When you do, they usually either don’t play very well or close quarters much. They are pretty rare in random lobbies, so does this mean they are off meta? Who decides what is meta and off-meta, the randoms that make up majority of players or the forum community that are much more experienced?

Off meta is basically something unconventional in gaming that actually works but not commonly chosen. And that’s pretty much how it is with randoms. Meanwhile in the forums, a lot of people seemed to have played or tried Blademaster.

Just because a bunch of people figured out that Blademaster is pretty effective but it’s not well commonly known as you see with randoms, it just leans heavily towards the off meta definition.

I’d like to know what everyone thinks.

  1. Which classes do you see randoms play the most often and the least?
  2. Which classes do you think are meta and off-meta?
  3. Who do you think decides which classes are the meta and off-meta?
  4. Do you think Blademaster is meta or off-meta and why?

I saw the most useless Demo ever join us on wave 41 of Master last night…

He spent 2 waves shooting his lancer at enemies… Lancer… Not lancer GL, his LANCER. I was vet, playing with marksman, this Demo would rush in to be in my ult shooting his lancer…

Reup 40, level 20… I guess thats what perm free boost gives us.

I think most classes can now be meta, there is no single class or class combination which is required…

It is much harder without engie but we play those 10,000% powerdrain games without engie so yeah…

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In my opinion the “meta” classes are:


Since the more recent updates, the Slugger is creeping into this category too.

JACK used to be part of this purely cos of the whole Forge-smelting weapons thing but that hasn’t been much of a thing since around Op 3 or 4.

Recently I’ve seen alot of Combat Medic’s around but I just figured that people are levelling it up or trying to get more skill cards.

Medic is meta-light with trishots i find, maybe longshots too (i dont snipe myself).

A smart Slugger is definitely meta, slugger can easily carry first 20 waves, and then others take over, with perks, lockers, etc.

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The reason why you don’t hardly see any randoms playing as bm is because they think the class is garbage. And if you do see a random BM, highly likely, they tend to stay in the base just use claw and sniper. Well in my case, the last time I played with random BM they had salvos and mulcher in their level 4 locker and quite frankly the player was only re-up 42. Some of them have stuck to the old meta JD and Tac. They haven’t changed lol.

Also, another reason why you don’t see good BM join a random lobby is because 99% of posts have “deposit this” “deposit that” “deposit your mu…” In other words “deposit till wave 20 or get kicked” (regular horde).


Yup. If I’m in the mood to play BM, I always avoid these lobbies where the title demands deposits. I’m also wary of lobbies where the host is the engineer cos they can kick immediately. If the engineer is someone else I stick around cos the chain of communication is slower and I can count on the host not taking action.


Demo,Tactician,Marksman,Veteran,Medic,Forge-Jack Pilot or Salvo-spam Gunner are mostly used by the Randoms i come across.

I don’t count Infiltrator as Meta anymore, i don’t see Randoms play it because it’s a real CqC now (High Risk)

My preferred Team looks way Different. (No Marksman,No Veteran,No Demo, no Gl-Spam Tactician AND NO F****** SLUGGER throwing shocks)

Matches with 1 or 2 good CqC’s tend to be a lot smoother in early Waves.

Matches with a Team consisting of Demo,Tactician,Pilot and Gunner… (all Locker hungry) are a Pain in the beginning.

For me Meta means using the Strongest/Easiest/Low-risk Classes which is lame IMO.


This is a good list.

I’d say anything “off-meta” would be a purple icon and anything CQC. Casual players have negative opinions of both those groups and are liable to either ask you to change or kick if you don’t fit into the “engineer + Demo + Tact + Mark + support” mold.

That said, the casual meta is dwindling as casual players leave the game. More often than not, now, I find lobbies hosted by people who know what they’re doing and will start the match with basically any team comp.

I saw this recently. What do they get from a sniper? Like, is there a card or passive I’m missing?


Me too, i think they’re using that secret 1000% Damage on Longshot Card nobody ever heard of.


Well hot damn, I’m a BM main now.


Theres a big different for the meaning of Meta between randoms and people who actually know what’s going on. Randoms probably think the meta is still Demo/Tact/Mechanic/Pilot and maybe throw in a Striker for the Scorcher glitch. The actual meta team would be Blademaster, Pilot, Gunner, Anchor, Robot Expert.

For randoms, its decided by ease of use and amount of explosions on screen. For Me, its decided by alot of things like Damage Output, Crowd Control, Utility, team support like giving damage resist or stim, or having high damage resist themselves. The reason I dont have Demo as meta is because the class offers nothing to the team but damage and the class has no damage resistance or team support.

BM is top 5 but randoms will never find this out. Theyre too bad at the game to succeed with the class, they are bad at the class so they think the class is bad and not themselves. Why would they try and play a high risk high reward class when they could just sit in the back with their 2 lockers full of boomshots and GLs and get the same result pretty much.


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The Embar is a good tool but I think Reptile was referring to the Longshot so I’m not sure what that person was doing. Usually when I see a person who obviously is inexperienced with any class they usually default to picking up a Trishot.

What I saw, specifically, was a lv.20 BM with Claw and Longshot on Ritual and it boggled my mind. We also had a Brawler who had Lancer and Longshot and also stayed back in the base. I picked Medic because I figured I’d be able to pick up the CQC classes, but nope, they were standing right there next to me.

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I think snakey refers to these people as “Paper Levels” lol


You complely forgot to add Robotics Expert in there. I see a.whole.lot.more of those than Mechanics. I would add every class that isn’t
1). A promo
And 2). A CQC class that isn’t Infil considering Infil has been in horde since launch

I’m leaning on Slugger being meta but I don’t rrally see them when I play with randoms.

I see about half and half, personally.

What I find weird, though, are the REs who don’t snipe and/or just buy a ton of lv.1 barriers. At that point, why not just pick Mechanic?

Wicked’s excuse is “she can’t ever find anything to kill” lol


I genuinely don’t see that many Robotics Experts to be honest. The only time I tend to see them are those below level 20, so I presume they’re just trying to level them up.

I’m trying to make the distinction between meta classes where the class is popular and chosen because of the perception that they are very powerful and necessary; compared to situations where classes are chosen because the player is grinding to level it up for achievements etc. Where I do see RE’s, they’re typically played as if they’re Mechanics and there’s not much sniping going on, so for me again, it seems like they’re not chosen for their skillset and what the class offers, but because the player wants to level them up or get cards.

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The Brawler would at least have the excuse of having the option to run a ranged fire bullets build, not that it’s necessarily the best thing to be doing with the class(those usually aren’t the players you’ll be seeing occupy any top spots). But it’s at least better than BMs with the Claw who never go out to melee anything.

While the “traditional” class picks have all been mentioned as meta, I do want to question something… why do people think playing a Veteran is even fun? Like, seriously. Its damage is kind of mediocre overall, but when you push the ult button, suddenly the game starts playing itself for 40 seconds if you have the ult extension card maxed, and you’re almost unkillable if you use Dug In. But when it ends, you’re back to mediocrity unless you start Longshot sniping. Hell, the Longshot is probably the best ult weapon for that class, barring the ammo limit if you spam it.

Which kind of says a few things about how underwhelming rifle damage is, except the Claw and GL(dunno whether to count the Enforcer as one), unless you give them an aimbot.