Which class would you consider being the worst and best for Horde/Escape and why

Horde best:
Probably demolitions or tactician. Both are very powerful and slay bosses easily. I would lean towards demo because I love the custom boomshot

Horde worst:
Outside promotional, I go with combat medic. Its not that a healer role can’t work, I just don’t think the execution was great. Plus their damage output is low.

(I don’t play much Escape)
Escape best:
Nomad. He’s good on almost every map, and can bail the team out of a bad situation.

Escape worst:
Probably mechanic.


Horde Best : Tactician, Gunner

Tactician is almost the worth character during wave 50 or frenzy. You can be a Main Dps or a supportive character combo with demolition’ interrogation or supplying explosive ammo with resupply healing module when you are encountered to wave 40 or above.

Gunner, to my point, is something to feel interested to me when it supposed to use heavy weapon for its passive and card. It has another way to play is the bleeding torque bow with the build of ‘reflect shredder’, ‘concussive explosives’, ‘heavy shell’ , ‘grace period or heavy deflect’. The concussive explosives can work on all Bosses ( Most of them…need to be confirmed) in horde and it is good when your teammates have difficulty to kill the Bosses.

Escape Best; Brawler

As always, the fast way to speed run and to be tanky. It always useful in many hives and do not need to wait for the venom.

Worst Class in Horde/Escape

It always be the purple one mostly except the slugger. The others in escape would have many choices instead of choosing them to play, but I don’t know if they’re good for score-runner? In horde, Combat Medic is rather useful than them because Combat Medic can use the ‘suppersive rechange’ combo with ’ grenade pouch’ and ’ team repair’, so I’m considered it as a sub-engineer, but most people don’t take it as an “Engineer”


I won’t deny that it is one of the best, since I like versatility of ranged + executioner hybrid, so it’s essentially a sniper and crowd control. It can be great against almost everything from Drones, Scions and flushers. It doesn’t handle well against Pouncers or big bosses.

Could you explain why you think Mechanic probably is worst? The reasons I don’t think they belong there is because Bloody Trackers can kill Scions and mini-Bosses. The 60% Custom Robotics damage applies to EMBAR, Overkill, Enforcer, Salvo, Tri-Shot and Shock Grenades. So while they’re not amongst the best, I don’t think they would be the worst. Just my opinion.

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Horde: (master difficulty)

Most versatile/best (no particular order)

    1. Demo,
    1. Tactician,
    1. Infiltrator,
    1. Gunner,
    1. Pilot,
    1. Anchor
    1. Engineers
    1. Marksman
    1. Jack
    1. Veteran

Hardest to use/ least versatile:

•Promos(architect finds the most use of of all of them, maybe striker for boss stun
•Brawler (fav class but really requires skill to use successfully)
•Nomad(Good class but relies on a good team)
•Blademaster( definitely harder to use, but still a good choice)
•Combat medic(if your team isn’t good, you’re sunk with your low damage output)


Best/most versatile (not all maps but most maps)


Hardest to use/ least versatile:

•Robotics Expert
•Combat Medic

For Escape, Brawler is probably the strongest.

Thing to remember is that anyone can pick up and use other weapons. And in Escape you don’t have to deal with the extra enemy buffs which normally occur in Horde from wave 11+. So any class can pick up say a Longshot and oneshot Drone sized enemies with an an active.

I guess the Brawler has that crowd control ability for flushed enemies like Juvies and Rejects, and if timed well can pick off small groups of Drones with tackles (just bearing in mind you can’t take unlimited gunfire damage) and larger enemies too.

Marksman? Yeah it’s very good but relies on certain weapons and ammo, and is a bit fragile.

Tactician? Again very powerful with the right tools but is a bit fragile.

But those three - Tactician, Brawler and Marksman are broadly my top 3 and I reckon they can manage the vast majority of Hives pretty easily.

Horde - Tactician is very versatile, but on the whole I couldn’t single out a single class to be honest. At the risk of sounding like an Escape Snob, Horde is so much easier than Escape and broadly speaking it’s easier to make most classes work as long as they have a minimum level of damage output, a handful of barriers and a weapon locker.

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Regarding Horde:
Worst is Grace, she has an entire tier for herself below all other classes.
Best is more difficult. Even after nerfs, JD retains his ability to delete a boss in one easy button press, does that mean he’s the best? Lahni and Kait can cause massive amounts of damage in the midst of enemies, but on the other hand go down fast if not played to a high ability. Does execution barrier factor in? Clayton is highly versatile, can be played as a very effective trishot spammer, torque bow user with bleed and stun, or with instant freezing with a cryo cannon, all while having bursts of invincibility.
I’m having trouble selecting a best class but thinking about it and factoring in versatility and relative ease of use I’d maybe say Lizzie and Clayton.

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I was trying to avoid promotional classes for my worst list, so mechanic stuck out to me.

I’m sure its a great class on the right hives, but it really depends on which weapons are available.

As far as the bloody balls go, I play more horde than Escape, so I can’t speak much to their utility.

I might just have to take mechanic for a spin

They’re devastating in Escape. Even the Carrier on the Mist dies from the bleeding if both balls reach him.

Have a pretty huge range as well.

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Thats good to know.

Now I can take mechanic into escape with confidence, while resisting the urge to make immature ball jokes :rofl:

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ngl I was cracking jokes about that card for a long time before I actually tried it and was pleasantly suprised.

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My group of friends have been doing that for ages too. It’s the cliched infertility jokes if the tracker balls don’t drop any frags after blowing up.

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Demolitions is by far the most overrated class in this game. Yes, they can deal massive damage, yes they can hard carry a team. However, what is often overlooked about this class is just how expensive/high maintenance they are. Basically you need at minimum a level 4 weapon locker for a Demo to do anything, that takes a good amount of time to set up whereas other classes basically take very little (Infiltrator, Marksman, Anchor, Gunner, hell Tactician) of Engineer support to become great.

How I rank classes for Horde:

  1. Marksman
  2. Infiltrator
  3. Any Engineer
  4. Pilot
  5. Gunner
  6. Anchor
  7. Tactician/Demolitions
  8. Nomad
  9. Veteran
  10. Jack

Escape is more hive dependent so hard to rank them objectively.

Hmm, Escape is a tricky one because certain hives suit certain classes more than others.

Generally, I’d say Brawler or the Blademaster is the best class, it is a good pick on most hives. They don’t need any ammo, and are capable of dealing huge damage with some survivability. Infiltrator is good on certain hives though, The Link is the shining example of a hive that is best suited to that playstyle.

If we are considering the normal modifier set for Horde, I like Tactician a lot. The Tactician is a class that can mesh with a number of other classes to make them better, especially with the Legendary card, as well as deal a lot of damage. The class may require a bit of power in their perks to utilise it’s potential, but it is a top 3 class for me.

The Blademaster makes it’s appearance again here for Horde. Now in Horde it requires a little more patience and being smart in positioning and engaging fights, but it has the survivability and the DPS if used correctly. Good on bosses as well when combined with a breaker mace.

I have several questions , but in what scenario is a veteran so much weaker than anchor? You also put marksman up top and I’m pretty sure we all know that these two can be hella powerful when properly combined. Veteran is rather tanky, does loads of damage on his own with lancers and the longshot and can own entire waves with the ult on his own, which he can charge in like 4 shots. I’ve seen people play pretty great as anchor but never really become the absolute MVP, which is rather doable as veteran (depending on your team ofcourse)

Naw. In escape Mechanic takes the ■■■■. Atleast the DR1 would distract and even damage enemies but can you image spending the whole game getting your ultimate and both trackers denoate on a juvie just because it was closer when you marked a scion?

I’ve played both classes for about 20-24 hours in Escape and Del is much, much better than Baird.

Dels Ult goes for marked targets 99% of the time while the DR1 sometimes just takes a walk and ignores every enemy, even if they’re right next to him. Enemies are also more likely to ignore the balls while the DR1 sometimes dies within seconds of spawning or gets stunlocked to death by shoch-enemies.

Also, Dels dmg-increase is better since it’s always there unlike Baird where you’re relying on the enemys HP. + the Enforcer card is amazing.

With lvl 6 crit parade, a veteran becomes kinda unnecessary with a marksman. If you are good at landing headshots, you should be able to hold your whole ult from beginning to end of the wave.

I sometimes solo kill stuff so fast on master that the ult carries over onto the next wave if your team skips the round fast enough and can continue to wreck havok

I choose to bash. TC will look at this and nerf.


If they wanna lose what’s left of the PvE-playerbase, sure. By now they should be done with nerfs and focus on buffing weak classes i.e. COGear or the god-**** promos.


For horde:
Gunner is favorite. Heavy guns and Ultimate.
Striker & all promotion… low on cards, low on logic.

For Escape:
Anchor is the best. Good venom cards.
Architect or Mechanic is worst thing that ever happened on Escape.

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