Which class would you consider being the worst and best for Horde/Escape and why

This is not meant for bashing (hopefully), I’m just very curious which class you guys would consider being the worst and which one the best (not map or hive specific).

In regards to the worst class, I assume most will come up with a Promotional, if that’s the case, I’d like to also know the worst one outside of Promotionals.

So I mean like one good and one bad for Horde overall, and good and one bad for Escape overall.

I’ll come up with mine a little later. :wink:


Striker, by far.

Worst for Escape is Baird outside of Promos / COGear the worst for Horde.

And the best classes?

Always depends on circumstances. Can’t really pick a favorite since most classes have their use now.

Got a favourite to play with or a class that you think may be too strong?

Interesting thread. Along similar lines Escape map and class (and cards) to have best chance of soloing please…
Unless any kind formites want to babysit me through some Hives on Master :wink:

Lahni, Kait, Fahz, Paduk, Mac, Keegan - Escape
Kait, JD, Keegan, Jack, Lizzie - Horde

I guess Kait could be considered “too strong” IF you know what you’re doing, but then again, the same could be said about most classes if played by the right folks. Can’t wait until they nerf her into oblivion because of a few crybabies.


That would take up too much writing… there’s a bunch of solo runs available. I believe turnerburner and beetlecorn have done plenty of those with different classes (I myself only with Cole pre-nerf). If you’re looking for high success rates you’re probably looking at classes like Brawler (tackle build is still strong), Marksman, Nomad (execution build), Infiltrator, Blademaster and Anchor.

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The hero system is in a good place right now.

Can’t really say I cringe anymore when I see any high level hero enter a lobby.

Most played right can be viable.

Since nothing else is going to be done with promotional heroes, I hope TC learned a lesson about introducing them in the first place. Even promos have their uses, there are just better choices overall.

Lobbies are pretty varied right now. This might change once most people are fully leveled.

The best class for Horde is the one you enjoy the most. If you keep failing with the class you enjoy the most, dial the difficulty down.

There’s plenty info on here from Hu1k about meta set-ups for Horde and BP for Escape. That comes after you want to go up the difficulties.

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Whily I appreciate your general opinions about the current structure of the class system, I was actually looking just for your own opinion which class you guys consider being the best and the worst each for Horde and Escape.

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There is not really any need to refer to any characters anymore only the class as everyone is aware of what class is what.

New players will have no idea of the association of specific characters with classes as this has not been a thing for a few months. Best just referring to the Class itself and not associating any characters with it as it means nothing now anyone who did know how it used to be will know who the relevant class is now = no need to mention the old character. E.g someone liking Emile means nothing just a character. No association anymore with a class.

Less confusing for new players on the forums if only the class is referred to i think.

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You mean all 5 of them that didn’t leave again?


I assume that was related to @HerrKatzchen? Because I didn’t mention the word “character” once so…
Afaik when he mentiones the previously assigned characters names, he actually means the classes.

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My personal favorite is Blademaster, works decently well for all but the slow venom Op 4 hives(if people know how to manage the fans properly in the Op 3 ones). Not sure if it can be qualified the “best”, especially when you have Brawler with the free equivalent of a Breaker Mace at all times if someone has Torch Tackle and little drawbacks.

For Horde… I don’t have a real pick there but Pilot has the potential for it. Can handle a lot of the enemies the game throws at you, only potential weakness is Bastions if you don’t hold a Boomshot because they have dodgy explosive hit registration where they are clearly in the splash radius of a Dropshot but it does nothing half the time.


Horde worst: Striker, Combat Medic

It’s only 50% bleed on Breaker, which is the lowest compared to how much Blademaster and Protector can do. I’m not sure if Striker’s boss killing potential is still around.

Combat Medic deals the least damage and mostly a glorified medic and tank.

Escape worst: Slugger, Combat Medic

Which hive has a lot of Frag Grenades? On Master, they may take 2+ Grenades to kill a single thing.

Team mates can revive each other so Combat Medic isn’t needed much. The Lancers don’t appear too often anyway.

Horde best: Tactician

It doesn’t require taps for Stim, ammo boxes or Lockers. It can be a boss killer and can work well with Demolitions. It’s simply versatile, and it’s great for +1,000% Fort Cost modifier because it can give everyone ammo from Resupply and Damage Resistance from Healing Module.

Escape best: Jack, Tactician

Jack was probably too strong that it never made it in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tactician’s almost a must-have in your Custom Hive “Nightmare”, The End, The Last Stand and would be really useful on Melee Brawl to give ammo for weapons early. It also gives ammo on Gauntlet so that Anchor, Infiltrator, DB weapon classes can work better, because there’s barely much ammo boxes. It works best both outside and inside venom, and very versatile when it excels at Hammerburst and explosives.


Or is it, because apparently you forgot a run from Op 2 or 3 where we did it with you, me and one random without a Tactician that was then still Keegan but a Blademaster?

Tactician would be the easy way. I’m sure it’s possible without, but that’s just making it harder.

Tactician is strong enough when you see they kill the most than other two team mate players combined, and seems to be almost solo’ing the entire hive with Venom Boost. Without, every team mate has to do their part.

More a general response to the topic as it could be one for
Old players and new players to come to and i have noticed people in many topics still making character and class associations and its not really needed anymore and it will be less confusing for new players.

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Certainly not a must-have but definitely a strong class. What I realized so far, one class was not mentioned yet but I’m still curious whether someone will come up with it and share the same opinion as I do. :slight_smile:

PS: The format that @Ektope used is what I was looking for. Quick overview with each reason why. :+1:

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