Which class has the lowest to highest HP in horde/escape?

This also counts for upgrading the perks (to max).

I know this post is bit stupid - stupid question to lol.

Brawler because of Perk Up, maybe ?

Didnt take into account stim because thats not what you asked.

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At least the brawler can survive more longer than Jack lol (because Jack has the lowest hp - I’m guessing but I could be wrong)

I assume everyone (even jack) has the same base health.

Having more health doesnt make a class good though, damage resistance is way more important and better than having more health.

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Lowest I believe is Jack. I don’t know what the actual HP value is but it feels noticeably less than 1,000 (base health).

Highest has to be Infiltrator.
Regular health = 1000 hp
Stim Batteries card = +230% increased stim capacity on top of base stim (I believe base is 50%) = 3800hp
+50% Health perk (which goes off base health)
= 4300hp (so an additional +330% health)

But what makes Kait/Infiltrator so awesome is the 60% damage resistance on that of all that extra HP when Stimmed (Enhanced Stim card).

Math might be off but it’s definitely Infiltrator. Veteran is a close second.


I always assumed that base HP is the same for every class ( with no cards and perks).

Damage resistance and health cards/ perks make the difference but not sure if every class was actually tested.
I always wondered if there are any other weapons that similar to Mace can absorb the damage you receive?
Probably not but…

All this information is so valuable, only downside to that is vast majority of randoms can’t figure out what cards to choose for infiltrator… Let alone playing the class (infiltrator) lol.

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I find this surprising. On the surface it seems obvious to me that the 5 main cards for the majority of players is / should be: Reaper; Laceration: Blood Resonance; Stim Batteries; and Enhanced Stim.

But then again I’ve cone across a few players who clearly don’t wven use Reaper or Laceration. It’s rare but I’ve seen a couple.

I trade out Blood Resonance for Chain bc BR is so overkill and i only use the gnasher anyways since the multi shot 10x ult was fixed.

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It’s a shame that they fixed meat shield glitch for chain card, that was soooo nice back in the day lol.

Yeah that was pretty good but they increased the time you get from a full execution so as long as youre close to enemies you can keep it going until you run out of enemies.

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That wasn’t even a “glitch”, meatshielding counts as an execution. Until TC decided that tactic was too “OP” so they nerfed it.


Oh I didn’t knew that, fair enough lol

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This was also how some people got such high scores on Escape. Grabbing a meatshield counted as an execution; and doing the necksnap counted as a second execution.

Also headshoting meatshields gave you bonus headshot points too so grabbing a meatshield and having a team mate active headshot it gave you bonus points for each.

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So are the top of the Escape leaderboards now populated by scores that are out of reach?

Yup. Alot of us have been wanting an escape leaderboard wipe so the top spots can actually be challenged.

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For the most part yes. The Mist is still possible to get a top time.

Ok, then I won’t bother wondering how some of those scores are so high (or, technically, low). I’ve got top 1,000 times on a half dozen hives and top 1% on another 10, mostly run with randoms, and wondered how things could be better optimized for executions and/or headshots, but if double dipping was allowed at one point, that explains it.

Similar to how I’ve been helping some people from TA clear Master Hives and the end of Gatekeepers was giving us trouble. One guy pointed to a YouTube video of a clear, but it was from just before OP5 dropped and the Infiltrator was getting Overkill bleed from over 30 feet on the Swarmak and the Demo had double capacity Boom and Salvo.

Would The Line and Venom Run still be in play? No meatshields against Scions, and the venom speed might make meatshield / headshot combos tough to pull off. Or most executions, aside from a stimmed Infiltrator with the damage resist while stimmed.

A leaderboard wipe with TC’s last update wouldve been nice for the Escape community. We are a very small portion of the Gears community but it wouldve been cool.