Which class has the best support card?

Only can pick one though.

In my opinion, I would say the overdoing it from cm, really good for cqc and gives extra damage resistance (also force heals).

There are other cards out there as well that are awesome.

Either that or Anchor’s Harness Energy card which provides Stim to everybody whenever the barrier is being hit. I believe Harness Energy finds a bit more use than Overdoing It in matches.

Overdoing It was a top-pick during my Escape Solos though and it still is in Horde if I actually do play CM.


Yeah, I suspect I’d rate Harness Energy better for that because it helps everyone anywhere on the map and not just after a down. Anchors can have their ultimate up often and for a long time. Overdoing It isn’t a bad choice, but it falls flat on its face on the triple damage dailies where I want it most. It’s also exceedingly annoying that you get no visual indication of its effects, so nobody knows you’ve brought it or when its effects wear off.

My own quick take on the question is that I’d probably say Mechanic’s Efficient Fabrication. Since I play in games that are vastly more likely to succeed with an engineer than without, I find that card non-trivially speeds up getting even a small base set up to help the team, and over the course of a full match, allows the engineer to spread farther. That’s the single most impactful support that someone can provide, I suspect.

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When I was doing master 1-50’s, I found that I had the easiest time completing them when I had a Forge Jack on the team. It allowed me to make really strong bases and put down a lot of firepower with the sentries.

Overdoing it.

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I guess you could argue every class or almost every class has that one great card for team support.

But I’d probably say - Harness Energy, Efficient Fabrication, Team Resist. Team Repair

I really enjoy to play anchor and I always have harness energy equipped. Not to say also that you have almost nothing to do except receiving damage to help everyone.
Gunner team resist just being there brings a lot.
And a last one Tactician healing and refilling in the ultimate circle (he has also a card that can help killing marked enemy but it is really not common to use it)


Harness Energy


Yeah combat medics overdoing it is really strong, but it will not guarantee someone or your whole team gets up for more than a second, for that you need to pair it with the gold stim card. Very common to get someone up and they immediately get melee’d back down and overdoing it just isn’t enough. So it loses points for that.

I agree that overall harness energy may be one of the best support cards, though I can rarely think of a time it’s saved a match.

When I think of best support cards, for me it’s a card that’s going to really shine in a clutch situation.

A card that no other card or without the card, a class could pull off.

Two that come to mind, I’ve seen them save what would have been team wipes time and time again.

Ultimate battery is damaged based. A common time it comes in clutch is during a boss rush match; for whatever reason the team is getting overwhelmed, ults are far and away, the chicken is squawking guts everywhere, the kestrel is about to unload a laser show, and we’re mashing X as chain revives fly off the handle, the gunner takes a direct hit from a dropshot and suddenly everyone nearby has their ult.

The second is architect’s (architect op!) decoy extend card.

Horde, or frenzy, everything’s going swell, when out of no where a swarmak spawns right beside the fabricator. You chuck a couple flash bangs but they miss the monsters nerf-ed to the ground flash bang hit box. Team mates are diving for cover but already the swarmak is firing heat seeking missiles and everyone is down.

The decoy is launched and the giant goober cranks itself a quick 180 degrees. You crack a couple long shots into its back blisters and revive the entire team.

Bold choice. If I could figure out how/which/why enemies decide to start/stop attacking decoys, I might be more on board.

Another great card that nobody knows is happening because there’s no indicator.

I used to absolutely love Healing Module– I used it as protection while running out to revive someone as a weirdo psuedo-Combat Medic. You could easily face-tank melees and quite a bit else up to the late poisons. But it feels like they weakened its damage resistance I think around Operation 7 when they explicitly nerfed the ultimate duration. One of the reasons I don’t play the class much anymore. :frowning:

I think last time it came up there was still some doubt whether Cooperation was a card that actually worked with Interrogation or Situational Awareness, or if it only worked with manually marked targets. I don’t know if anyone subsequently confirmed that. It definitely affects my valuation of that card/class… yet another blow to any of us attempting non-explosives-spamming playstyles.

Not to subvert the OP, but Tactician also has a card I put on my “worst team support”/“most selfish” card list: Resupply Speed Loader. Is it reeaally that important if you fire your barely aimed Boomshots a little bit faster (and no one else in the resupply radius gets the benefit)?

Or to play S.-stirrer, my more controversial take: I think Combat Medic’s damage resistance cards (Dodge, Razor’s Edge, Perfect Condition) are completely selfish and should never be brought in Horde. I absolutely don’t buy the “keeping my CM standing helps the team” argument. Why are you Rambo-ing with a Lancer class? If you take any of those over Team Repair or Helpful Headshots, then you’re clearly not interested in actually supporting at all, so you’re dead to me (even if via damage resistance your avatar isn’t).

Change my mind.

I normally use resupply speed loader IF there is no other heavy classes in the game.

Talking about tac, I do like the resupply healing module card. It gives all the players 63% damage resistance. That is one of my favourite cards for tac.

Another vote for Team Resist. 95% dmg resist is just too OP :smiley: especially because Gunner has Quick Ultimate available either with Torque Bow’s Bleed or Mulcher’s + Heavy Charger.

Yeah sure no visual indicator and hard to communicate it beforehand but it’s always fun using Ulti and realizing that nobody should die for the next seconds (unless there’s a Lancer Cyclops or Palace Guard nearby :pensive:).


I guess really comes down to how smart the Gunner Player uses it.

I use it when someone goes for a (risky or not so risky) revive. Of course it’s also smart if you’re the one going for the revive.

Or once an Blademaster’s/Brawler ect. Ult ends so just to give 2 good examples.

If the Gunner pays attention to whats going on it is definetly one of the best Support Cards. :+1:


Being tanky allows you to survive what downed your teammates so you can go over to them. It has its moments.


I always use Dodge and Perfect Condition (for both Escape and Horde). It just makes sense to have up to 64% damage resistance from the off in most situations.


Same, i just shake my Head whenever i see people come in with suppresive Recharge and Grenade Sachet and spam grenades instead of using a Proper Card Setup that actually works/helps the Team with Stim/Damage, Revives and Repairs and/or Damage Resistance.


Man if Team Resist worked with the ultimate duration perk for the entire 12s - that would be beautiful. But then TC would deem it too OP and then nerf the Gunner into the ground, wouldn’t they?

I use these cards as i only ever play with random people, most of the time ill carry flashes but on todays daily dawn we set up at sniper spawn near taps, i was left side, gunner and architect was middle with demo n tact on the right🤡 this was a barrier on left side on wave 2

As you can see the engy wasnt the brightest, they built more barriers and i moved them to suit, near the tap later on we got a sentry and a shock sentry which blocked me from shooting middle.

Today i used shocks as i wasnt getting much help from my team, we all like to use the best card setup but sometimes teammates dictate how we end up playing

Yeah Suppressive Charge doesn’t seem that useful to me. In Escape you’re dependent on the hive for many grenades. You could meatshield Elite Drones and Snipers but that takes more work than it’s worth and DBNO rules mean that Shocks can only outright kill certain enemies.

And in Horde there are other alternatives (in my opinion far better alternatives) to quickly recharge your ultimate.

Grenade Pouch isn’t that much more useful but again, in Horde I don’t bother. Coincidentally I used it on The Onslaught today and off the top of my head this might be the only hive I’d use it on. But this is helped by the sheer numbers of Poppers who will drop more grenades and the chain reactions they cause, so it’s nice to have.


I really like resupply healing module, for tactician.

Getting fast heals as well as damage resistance can really bring your team back from the brink if theyre being shot at by tons of stuff. I find that a big flaw of the tactician’s ultimate is that when people bunch up to make use of it, you also run the risk of getting your whole team killed because theyre so close to each other. Resupply healing module basically turns that around and makes you extremely hard to kill within your ultimate, especially while youre busy raining down lancer GL shots on bosses. It isn’t quite as good against things like matriarchs, but still good to have while youre clearing the wave out.

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