Which cards are best to get to level 6?

I love the cards with a special thing at level 6, like Resupply Speed Loader.

I have to admit some cards with cool texts don’t do much for me, like Jack’s explosion, I usually wipe the entire area where I hijack so that’s irrelevant. It might be noticed here and there, but my yellows are 6s so my hijack is very powerful anyway.

Longshot Handling is another, it has to be 100%, I didn’t even use it before then, just paid to upgrade it because I need reliability.

The Hammer I think because that 4 second stun is pretty great for the team, the bonus damage helps perk the Ult even faster, etc.

Icy Precision IF you like that card, because it goes 25% to 34% which is a large leap. From 4 shots to 3.

I’m surprised to see some cards mentioned like Thrill of the Hunt, not sure I could tell any difference between 5 and 6, 2%

I consider Pilot basically my main, but I don’t use Aggressive Armor. No space for it, really, or need frankly. Great card, for sure, but The Hammer, Silverback Salvo, Explosive Healing, Bleeding Mulcher, and on 1-50 Cold Finish, on Frenzy Enforcer Expert so I can get my Ult back as fast as possible. I already heal with the drop shot, I don’t need stim frankly, I just played Pilot 1-50 Exhibit and I went down 2 times in 50 waves total (one was a sniper bullet, one was a random frag while in the back of the base).

I think that’s the only card that’s kind of pointless before lv.6, then stupidly broken and mandatory once it hits lv.6.

I kinda wish I could downgrade that card for myself. There was something about not knowing if my next bullet will be instantly reloaded or not made the class really fun for me.

LOL you’re hilarious, that’s the worst thing in the world as marksman. That isn’t fun at all. It needs to be reloaded always if you hit that kill shot. So annoying when it isn’t.

JLB, theres this button you can use to reply directly to someone at the bottom of their comment. Please start using it because no one ever knows who you’re talking to.



It works really well with the salvo and mulcher build, i usually have the SB for the entire round
I personally suck with the dropshot

Uhm, you know you get cooldown for blowing the guy up right next to 1 or a whole a pack of Enemys, right?

I sometimes get my Entire Ult. Cooldown back with that Card.

Of course I know that, Jack is a main, but like I said they’re long dead by that point and the Ult comes back fast.

And no, sorry @RelaxingKoty that you were unable to figure out the person I was replying to was directly above me. That’s how forums work. Very few forums in fact have any sort of direct response besides quoting the poster, which isn’t necessary when the person is RIGHT above you. If you can’t figure that out, I worry how you figure out how to tie your shoes.

I’ll go ahead and have to keep doing whatever works for me, rather than catering to you. Thanks though for nothing!


You really nailed him to the cross. Nice job.

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Alot of the time you’re replying to a post from hours ago, and many other people have posted something since. I mean, it’s not like you live on these forums 24/7 to be able to reply straight away…


This is not how this forum works. If you are replying to someone use the arrow and reply.


I was just trying to help out. I thought we were friends, man.


What did I do to deserve this.

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What exactly is the problem with using the direct reply button?


What exactly is the problem with using the direct reply button? (Notice the difference)

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Spending too much time on here and not learning to tie your shoes in the morning.

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You can put something nicely if you want, rather than trying to make a big deal of something and saying “nobody” knows? When the post is RIGHT above mine?! I’ve never seen anyone quote a post in any other forum when it’s directly above. When it’s 10 posts up? Sure, of course.

If you wanted to make a suggestion, do it, but if you adopt that kind of tone? Like gee here’s a picture to show you because you’re too dumb, well I’m not too dumb to figure out forum posts scroll down lol and when you’re reading down you see post #45 and then if 46 is directly related, it’s clearly a response is all I’m saying. And yes I think you’re a cool guy and mostly always agree with you, but that doesn’t mean I’ll take kindly to rude comments.

PS: I write on mobile while doing other things, so if I’m talking in a general discussion and maybe my post covers 3 things from earlier in the thread, no, I’m not going to carefully quote each BUT I try to make clear, complete sentences so that it’s not confusing what I’m even saying. That’s not enough either, though, because someone complains they can’t read paragraphs. You can’t win with many people here, so forgive me for not honestly caring at all if someone is having a fit.

Grave mistakes

You showed him kindness. Kindness = weakness you puss-puss.


Yeah. I should’ve seen this coming.