Where's today's gears pack?

Come on now, Every person you talked with in here you fight him no matter what the reason, Calm down dude


Lol. I’ve already told him that he needs to stop being so combative with everyone. It’s getting a little annoying. Nothing personal against the guy, but he’s repeatably gone into threads just to argue, which isn’t constructive in the least.

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I’ve only been combative with one guy in another thread while in most threads I’m generally sarcastic when someone is trying to get me to fight with them but as I said before (assuming you even remember) that this is why I prefer voice communication over text because people can just interpret a sentence in however they perceive it and could assume it being positive or negative etc.

@Stealth_Ninja_X WHO has tried to get you to fight with them? I read the forums regularly and haven’t seen that. What you don’t understand is the fact that most posts you’ve made truly ARE combative. It’s not necessary or wanted that you counter everything you have thoughts on… You argue way too much about almost everything. Ppl just don’t appreciate that is all.

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I get what you are saying bro, I too prefer voice chat over text, but you consistently fight with people here, as a lot of people can and have already attested to (@OneShotShelly @T0NY_HAYABUSA @Bleeding_Pepper @Aziz_XXCOOLXX @mendigo2005 @Me0wMix_CatFood)
I understand that a lot of what you say is oftentimes sarcastic, but it is usually with a condescending tone. And now, it’s not purely “how we choose to interpret it” anyone with a basic understanding of English knows how to read the tone of a statement through the way it is presented. I have had this EXACT conversation with another combative user.
I’m not trying to knock you. You are probably a really decent guy, and we got off on the wrong foot.

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Not that I enjoy wading in to gang up on people or anything. I didn’t get the sense Stealth Ninja X was being particularly combative in their posts generally, but the comment that annoyed me was “Say it again in English this time.” Only one type of person says stuff like that. And this occurred on the internet - it really doesn’t take much to Google what a “kumquat”, but instead they end up coming across as an aggorant and ignorant person who probably enjoys moaning about people speaking in foreign languages around them.


That’s quite hypocritical coming from you considering almost everything pisses you off about the game whenever we play during parties, you’re the only that gets the most angry out of everyone I know besides Roy. Other friends that I know that play this game don’t get easily angry like you do.

You see this is exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about when people easily misinterpret on what someone said, I guess everyone is expected to know exactly every single trendy word or meme or anything similar in existence, I genuinely didn’t even know what these words meant because I’ve never heard them before in my life till now, so because I don’t know and I asked what do these words mean now all of the sudden I’m the jerk of the group. smh :man_facepalming:

Actually someone else was arguing with Hayabusa all I did was say he didn’t deserve to have that name (haven’t talked with him since), I never spoke with Aziz either (or at least I don’t recall talking with him)
I was being sarcastic with Bleeding pepper and in other posts I agreed with most of what he said if anyone even bothered to check. Oneshotshelly is almost always ready to snap and get argumentive or gang up on someone because she has a lot of personal problems that I won’t get into detail because that would be violating privacy but I will say that some of my friends don’t want to interact with her anymore based on her behavior.

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No I get it. And I might have overreacted. I’m just a little frustrated that it seems that you more often then not convey a very condescending attitude.
Tony is a good friend of mine (he might disagree lol) but I am tired of everyone dissing him cuz he isn’t as “cheery” as a lot of people on here.
I’m not saying that you have personally came into contact with everyone I listed, but they would all agree that you do insert yourself into arguments that have nothing to do with you. And that you do it in a very nonconstructive way.

I quite honestly don’t know @OneShotShelly that well, but I have been on these forums several months now, and I have yet to see her be aggressive towards anyone.

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Because she doesn’t act that way on the forums, it’s a different story when talking through mics.

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That may very well be the case. But my point still stands. Namely, that you react in a negative way without little to no provocation. All we are asking is that you calm down a little. Pepper, Tony, Meow, myself, etc… are perfectly decent people. We are not out to get you. But when you repeatably provoke people, they will respond in kind.
I honestly do not like confrontation, but I will engage with in it if and when necessary. But I am hoping that we can move on from this exchange, and become lest hostile to each other.
And maybe, if you feel like people are misreading what you say, maybe just go easy for the first few weeks/months, until we get to know you better. I am extremely sarcastic and have a very odd sense of humor. But when I first joined last summer, I kept pretty quiet until people got to know me and my style, and I think that helped avoid some unnecessary conflict. I can say things now that I probably couldn’t last year. Cuz if I make a sarcastic comment, response, or thread, most people here know I’m joking, where that was not always the case. I had a bunch of my threads and posts deleted/hidden for the first couple weeks

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Well I think I overreacted too, Apologies :+1:


All water under the bridge.

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LOL!! Outright lie right there @Stealth_Ninja_X. You just described yourself… take a survey with those we game with . You get muted most of the time :slight_smile: . Sorry dude, but that’s the hard truth… just sayin’.

LOL!! Describing yourself here @Stealth_Ninja_X … I went off once at a mutual ‘friend’ for blatant, continual disrespect and I’m not at all ashamed of it. :slight_smile: You’re a trip, dude.

@Stealth_Ninja_X LOL!! AGAIN I’m laughing at you! I’m the same in here and everywhere… Nothing to hide on my part :). I could talk about your ADMITTED hatred toward others but I won’t. Yeah, outright saying you hate them… you most definitely have “people/nationality/ethnic” issues.
You can stop now lol.

A little late to the party…:wink:

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That is @Krylon_Blue :joy:

Iv’e been told that ppl are getting a pack per week to open, but I don’t get those. Is that something that comes with GoW4 Ultimate Edition? I just have the GoW4 that was on my xbox1 when i purchased it. Thanks in advance for the reply :slight_smile: