Where's today's gears pack?

No never! Feelings are precious, and should be kept intact

Naw he should continue doing what he’s doing, it gives people a reason to feed the evil within their hearts :smiling_imp:

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I didn’t realize that fortune cookies are now using emojis…


I never realized that clowns weren’t funny

Oh we are hilarious. Sadly, there’s not much we can do for curmudgeons with a sense of humor equivalent to that of a kumquat’s

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Say it again in English this time.

Hahaha! I love you mendigo!

I’m done now my friend

That’s how you thank me?

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Which word did you have trouble understanding? I assure you they are all English words.


Forgive me for not knowing what those words even meant in the first place, that’s why I said English.

Me and you both know why I said that😂

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Could you translate for our friend here?

I want blood

You’ll have to get a tat first

Well, being of above-average intellect I’m going to attempt to put myself into the shoes of an ignorant “say it again in English this time” ding-bat, and presume that they struggled with the word “kumquat”, which is merely a citrus fruit from South Asia. Nothing spectacular or special. They’re actually in vogue right now and widely available in the West from greengrocers.

I suggest you next time reference a simpler, more Western Anglo fruit like an apple, pear or orange David. Lest you confuse those Philistines.


No, I mean blood

Like ketchup

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Hahaha! That just made my night😂
Granted, I hardly went up against Goliath there…

Such kind words, you’re awesome for sharing your superior intellect with us on educating me on words that I never heard of before but now understand what they really are :+1: