Where's the Tap? - A Thread of Every Tap Location on All 37 Horde Maps

Hello All,

I figured I would go on a mission to plot every power tap location on every map in Gears 5. And here they are!
Feel free to use these as a guide or for your reference in your horde games!

Google Drive Link - Power Tap Map Overheads - Google Drive


I bet this will be helpful for a lot of players. Thanks for posting!


Awesome work mate, thanks for posting this resource :slight_smile:


I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Blood Drive taps spawn in a combination of two in the middle by the overhead spot of the maintenance area and in the two side rooms. Would seem like a viable position to me, however.


Just tap it in. Just tap it in. Give it a little tappy. Tap tap taparoo.


Very well done, Doctor.

A valuable use of your free time since unlocking Covering Fire. :crazy_face:


Yeah there are some tap positions on maps that seem to appear less frequently. Sometimes I’ve had to leave and load back into the map like 10 times just to find a new rare tap location.


Yeah I dont think I’ve ever seen the tap on Dam nearest the grenade spawn (the central southern-most one).


Thank you :blush:

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I never realized there was such a difference between spawn locations on various maps.

Any patterns found at all in the maps with so many multiple locations and how they appear?


When it comes to Tabs Vagar is designed the best in my Opinion because there are only 2 Set’s of Tabs so it’s easy to guess where you need to setup to hold 3-4 Tabs.

I say this because i’ve never seen a Tab spawn on Helicopter and then one on Tickets, or one spawns on Tank and later one on Arrivals.

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Yeah that’s one of the rare ones - was the last one I found on that map. Took about 10+ tries loading in and out to get that to pop.

That’s the next thing I’m trying to find out. There does some to be a pattern where you can have multiple different sets of 4 tap locations on any given map.

Some maps follow tap symmetry and others are just random AF.

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Excellent work! Though since some of these are pretty far apart, I’ve noticed one thing that TC’s default map overviews lack is a way for base-builders to estimate distances, so I “helpfully” threw in one for your Pahanu picture. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was going to observe this same thing as others about it feeling like there are defined “tap sets” and ask what we know about the underlying patterns?

There’s the obvious where each additional tap spot after the first is chosen to be 1 immediately adjacent spot away from the previous one (and seemingly only in a single direction as they continue to be added?). Also some locations feel to me like they’re never chosen as a Wave 1 tap (unbelievably glad that was changed from only starting after Wave 10 of 50, BTW).

For example, in the above annotated Pahanu map, as obnoxiously spread out as everything is, I’m pretty sure you’ll either get the Volcano side (I Iabeled as V1-V5) or the Gate side (G1-G3), but I’m not sure it spitefully picks something on the opposing side of the map until the fourth tap for the Gate side where it doesn’t have any more available locations (and it seems to always be V3, not V1 or V5 to continue “the direction”).

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Brilliant work :clap::clap:

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Dr Shwazz your dedication to Gears of War is truly, fantastically incredible! Brilliant work indeed. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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