Where's the source for three new Gears of War games?

I enjoyed Halo Wars 1 and I loved the cinematics done by Blur (Halo 2 Anniversary was also done by them) but I don’t really think there’s room for an RTS Gears game. Gears isn’t as popular as it used to be on last-gen and an RTS would be a hard sell for a lot of people.

Halo Wars 2 was a letdown in almost every aspect, in my opinion.

Games are super expensive to make and the cost has just increased due to the nature of AAA gaming. There’s also the marketing cost, which is huge for some teams.

It’s riskier to bankroll a new, untested idea when you can throw out a sequel to an already proven and marketed IP that already has a fanbase and a following.

Epic Games claimed that the first Gears of War game cost them $12 million to create. They claim that Gears of War 4 would have cost them $100 million!

I agree with you on that, Halo Wars 1 was really good fun but Halo Wars 2 was a bit let down.

I’m down for trying new things as long as it doesn’t take away or stop the Core game.

Costs have gon up but companies now make far more money too - especially with the “season pass” and RNG.

More Gears is a good thing - I just think about Judgement and pretend it never existed ! Although that could have been the scrapped Kinect Arcade Type game which never came out and re-adapted as a regular game …

Could be FFA battle royal