Where's the source for three new Gears of War games?

You know, Phil did actually say previously that Gears of War could work across multiple gameplay genres. (Posted this on twitter yesterday, typical of me I know :P)

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Back in the day, I took that to mean off-shoots like Halo Wars… that’s always been a heavily talked about spin-off ever since, well, Halo Wars.

Maybe we will get our XCOM-style Gears lol

Or since MS and Nintendo have been getting cuddly lately, maybe we can get a Gears-Fire Emblem Crossover and we can see Laura Bailey talk to herself.

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The more Gears the better IMO.

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3 more gears gets me excited. But the mention of a BR game crash’s them happy thoughts to bits.
I’m not a fortnight or pubg player so won’t be interested in the slightest.
Halo wars style is another thing.I never played the original but got halo wars 2 in march and am enjoying the campaign.haven’t really touched mp like in most games.

I do remember when gears 4 was announced they said it was gonna be another trilogy. That was the last I remember.

i’m not in to the forum thing as much as 2 3 years ago , well i thought about battle royal for gears
before and it could be work for gears as a standalone game if they can execute it welll. so what i’m thinking is imagine the mission we ride motorcycle in gears 4 and take that whole scale environment and change it to something compatible with battle royal , also through the map we can use motorcycle , armadillo and etc… as vehicle in game.
and as for blue circle they can use windflare , hail storm or whatever in gears universe is.
as for gameplay they can change some mechanic and camera viewpoint but at the same time they need to stay close to the gears of war series gameplay mechanic core .
for drop item they can use king raven or even reaver.
for environment , they can create small cities something similar to ephyra ruined cities and jungles or what ever,
i’m not gonna get in to this very deep but you see the whole picture i guess.

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Halo Wars 1 was very good, excellent basic gameplay and amazing cutscenes!

A gears of war like that would be welcomed!

But I don’t like the idea of a separate BR game.

Especially if 5 is coming too.

It will split the player base too much whereas if the mode was in 5 and allowed people to download it separately for free - it’s keep people on 5 and adds additional people via the free download too.

So does anyone know precisely why gaming has ended up where we are now where organisations are relying on existing established brands and series over brand new original titles so much?

I imagine that it’s because of the increased cost of production, and the shift to online distribution which makes it harder for companies to make their money back. As a result AAA sequels are the best way to make the money back because of the existing fan bases and also it’s a safe formula.

Also gaming doesn’t seem to have as strong a culture around individual developers and designers compared to movies which can rely on the name of the director alone for a big promotional boost. But in gaming I rarely hear fans get excited about “that new John Romero game that’s coming out” or whatever. In gaming I get the sense hype is linked to series brands instead.

Back onto the GOW rumours though, I can’t day I’m interested in either an RTS or BR GOW game. I just don’t think RTS games lend itself well to control pads and I always found it so much easier to use a mouse and keyboard.

Having said that I’m a massive XCOM fan so if it was a turn based strategy game like that, then I’d be interested! But then XCOM has set the bar high in my opinion.

I dont mind different game modes BUT I hope that their main focus has been gears 5 rather than the spin off money grabbers

Well if people decide not to buy their $15 Griffin skins then they gotta find other ways of making money!

But seriously, yeah I don’t know if these rumoured three GOW titles would be a good idea as it would divide the player base, as well as split the developers too thinly that overall quality drops. I think the focus should be on making a high quality GOW5.

I don’t know if these rumors are true or not but I’ll give you my opinion anyway. More Gears is NEVER a bad thing so I hope that all three of these come true. I’ve been expecting a Gears RTS for a long time and although I’m not a fan of those kind of games, putting a Gears twist in there will bring me in. I’ve played a little PUBG and a LOT of Fortnite and I enjoy the BR scene but the problem I have with it is simply, It’s not Gears. I think if TC took on a project like making a BR out of Gears it has a ton of potential and all the lone wolves out there should be stoked! Clearly we all expect Gears 5 and I will be watching on the edge of my seat come June 10th!

Battle Royale?!?
Going to be about 2 years too late to market

I remember the initial mention of fortnite by epic… that was at least 4 yrs before it actually dropped.

After the barebones release of g4(base features, maps, etc.), how can they deliver a “top-notch” entry into the scene before the hype and excitement for br’s fades?

@S_IK_O_IR_G_E: is right. This would not be a gears game, just treading on the coattails…

Focus on g5 mp and campaign. You have a winning formula. Time to apply lessons learned from g4 and make gears… gears again

this scene shows how gears of war battle royal fight going to be crazy,
Gears of War 2 : Rendezvous With Death

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I think it’s possible to have all three.
Fortnite was a little silly with having to build buildings as obstacles, and like those staircases/planks that go all the way into heaven, just to send people into hell called cam.
Tried Player Unknown: Battle Ground, those graphics and controls weren’t as good, kinda clunky, not fluent, stopped playing within less than hour.
Even GTA Online’s version of Battle Royale, Motor Wars Adversary Mode was waaay better with vehicular combat, modernised weapons, cover system and been playing that for hours.
I would be willing to give it a go for Gears of War version of Battle Royale, since they use cover based system, also a fan of the series and imagine if could use vehicles or beasts similar to Reavers, King Ravens maybe, the possibilities could be endless.
It could be a massive COG vs Outsiders/Stranded vs UIR vs Locusts/Swarm/Savage vs Lambent.

Dude, even thinking about it drives me crazy. Just imagine 50 players in one lobby simultaneously trying to kill each others while some players are in a shelter that can hear chainsaw sound and some downed and executed harshly!
It would be epic.


exactly , we see the bigger picture but some people jump straight in to conclusion and saying ah another battle royal game but what they dont know is… im gonna share my idea in another thread exclusively to this subject. im sure this could be revival of gears franchise if they do it right.

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I would be OK with a GOW RTS game, but a Battle Royale? That would be disgusting.

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EXACTLY. Great thinking. keep it relevant. and a br could work

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Gears of War Battle royal Version and how could actually work

Battle royale could work, just think of it a massive FFA mode. As long as the BR follows a dark horror theme and make use of war torn environments as well as Gears lore in kind then it could definitely work.

Gears needs diversity and staying on the same formula isnt really going to attract new players to the franchise.

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