Where's the promised 4x XP?

Where is it? There’s 1 day of free boost, the xp-bonus in match-results is still 100% and cxp is unaffected as well.

Are you surprised?




I’m not. :smiley:


Free boost weekend…

Its Tuesday :man_facepalming:

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Meanwhile Dana on Twitter says, it lasts from today to January 4th. Go figure.

Did they fix the daily Horde rewards at least?

They will announce tomorrow that it only runs from 9am EST dec 25th til 9am dec 26th. Loved when they would only give XP boosts in gears 4 on thanksgiving and Christmas day

No idea, im just on.

At least Sam is usable now

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Also, they’ll add “by the way everyone in our team will be off for Christmas and New Year, so don’t bother trying to contact us during this period!”


Which in many ways is fair enough, but God, please sort this stuff out before you head off for your festivities with friends and family!

Did they cancel the event or just didn’t know how to program x2???

Not like they answer us peasants on the forums anyway…

Must be a twitter user to get some sort of info from them.




Ive noticed this happen alot. They advertise 3xp or 4xp or 5 xp boost but when I finish something I only have 2xp. A few hours later or the next day I suddenly have the promised xp but when the promised xp only has a few hours left until its completely gone I am only getting 2xp again lol.

Ugh TC drive me insane lol.


I did the daily hive an hour or so ago and it was still only 1000, but I didn’t think about waiting for the patch.

It was supposed to go live 36 minutes ago.

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Yeah but the store works though. I just spunked money up the wall (well, Iron technically…) and that works perfectly. I had to restart the game to make it appear in my inventory though! :smiley:


Yea I meant the double xp was supposed to go live 36 minutes ago cause he said he ran the daily an hour ago and got standard xp. But I even if he had waited he would have gotten standard xp anyway like everyone else lol.

I think he was referring to the CXP rewards from doing the daily and weekly Escape challenges. These went live several hours ago, but obviously it may have been that the actual reward fixes went live less than an hour ago - if at all. I have to admit I’m not sure.