Where's the option to turn off Gnashers only in 8 player FFA?

That’s one of the things I was waiting for when I saw that all modes would get a toggle.

Are you talking about custom?


I just took a look.

I love how it has 3 FFA options and only 1 has the full loadout

I havent tried playing it but Im wondering if the pickup weapons would be gnashers since it gives you the option to change the pickups in 8 player

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You can change the pickups in any mode. The toggle would affect your loadout and override any weapon swaps you set.

Naturally, 8 player FFA would have Gnashers Only set to “on” by default, and you would turn it off to have the full loadout.

Any weapon swaps that are exclusive to 8 player FFA might remain, as it’s a custom mode not meant to be balanced the same way matchmaking would be.