Where's the info on the ultimate character pack?

If TC want people to pre order the ultimate edition they really should give us so info on what’s included in the ultimate character pack.


I agree, I like an element of their marketing strategy with the lack of too much spoilery stuff but we are but 3 weeks from release.

It is almost as if TC are not overly worried about promoting the game, This could be due to it being on GP. Maybe Phil has given them a pass on sales and reviews ?

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Do you think they think the ultimate character pack is spoilery

People are speculating they already know one of them is Sophia? Did I get that right? From the silhouette alone they just matched it up to her…if that is her.

Well they said the silhouettes were just place holders

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I’m not sure that TC themselves know at this point.

Kind of like they said to themselves, “Hey we should give some specials skins for preordering the ultimate edition “. Someone in the group replied, “Great idea! Let’s do a place holder and figure out what later.”

Me thinks they forgot about later.


This sounds plausible!


Yeah I would like to know what I’m getting besides the terminator characters.


Common sense dictates they specify the contents of the extra stuff they’re charging for yet here we are, 3 weeks from release and still nothing.

Maybe they have limited existences? that would explain why their marketing strategy seems directed to people like me: If it is Gears related I’ll buy it, no need to know anything else.

TC Marketing: lets charge more for this ultra super duper ultimate content.
TC Dev: sounds goodt, what are we talking about?
TC Marketing: who cares, just come up with something by the time the game goes live.
TC Dev: okeydokey.

I’m not proud of myself but I can’t think of another reasonable explanation.


The terminator skins are a total waste of time, through gears 5’s life cycle there will most likely be a gears character missed out and that development time could have been used implementing them in the game instead of shoe horning in something from a completely different franchise to semi advertise a new movie.

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Considering that Gears 4 had tons of characters and skins this shouldn’t even bother anyone since it won’t change anything.

As per Octus on Reddit 4 days ago:

“We’ll have more info on the UE Characters pretty soon - there’s a reason we haven’t announced this yet. We know you’re all keen to know, but we think it’ll be worth the wait.”


“As I said, there are reasons we haven’t revealed it yet. This isn’t a schedule issue, it’s just a reality of the production of these Ultimate Edition Characters and a few other things. We’ll be revealing them early enough that there will be plenty of time for others to pre-order (or choose to cancel) if they do, or do not, find the value worth it in what the Ultimate Edition pack is.”



Thanks for posting. I ordered the ultimate edition. and I’ve had the urge to cancel and just use the game pass version. Without knowledge of what the extra money actually buys, I was hesitant.

I will still absolutely cancel if it’s something that screams #TCbeatsuagain.

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Thank you

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Not a problem :slight_smile:

They better let us know soon before the game releases.

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I just hope it’s something like general karn but I feel like it’ll be something lame like get the all new gilded kait and summer kait when you pre order! They’ve been making way too many skins for her which is a waste of resources to make someone more unique or new to the multiplayer. Fingers crossed it’s Karn and like a new carmine or something.

I don’t really mind the wait. I’m getting the ultimate edition thanks to gamepass so I should be good.

I hope its skins too in this character pack, would be cool. Either way I’m getting UE because I’ve done it for every Gears game. Big supporter of Gears.