Where's my shotgun? Arcade is meh

I don’t like it.

Can’t swap characters, buy a random weapon, I get the buzzkill 4x in a row.

No gnasher…wtf…

I crafted the Gnasher twice as Swarm Drone, Costed 6 skulls.

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There was a problem changing characters for a little while.

I still have this problem. Can’t change from Kait to JD.

Marcus has the Gnasher as a skull streak, but you’d need to be able to switch characters. The Swarm Grenadier is Marcus’ mirror.

I don’t really get the appeal of this mode but I think to many people are expecting it to be a traditional vs mode, which it’s not. It’s supposed to be it’s own thing.

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I get it. But no one can ay the other modes lolol

Have you had a chance to change characters?? Also pick it up if someone is using it

Nope, cannot change characters at all

You don’t need to make multiple thread about the same thing.

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Try to switch character in the main menu. I had this problem for awhile then it started working properly

Nope …first thread was about the glitches and no proper.matchmaking which also includes no shotgun.

This thread is strictly about only being able to play the mode ND not having access to a shotgun period because YOUR team can’t run a test properly.

Its hard to play arcade without getting sprayed in every direction.

Get gud!