Where was Gabe Diaz mentioned in GoW4

I see from various websites that Gabe Diaz was first mentioned in GoW4.

I’ve recently played through GoW4 from start to finish, and tried to find where he was mentioned. But wasn’t successful.

I could’ve just missed it, but is there a specific condition to trigger conversation?

or could it be that he was mentioned in one of the collectibles or some sort of codex?

There’s a collectible toward the end of Act 1 I believe. Gabriel wrote a book on engineering which is a collectible, which he dedicated to Kait. He was also mentioned briefly (not by name though) during the DeeBee attack on the outsider village when the village library (or something) gets destroyed.


I don’t think that book collectible(a King Raven engineering manual) is actually referring to Gabe by name, but just mentions that it is written by him on Reyna’s inscription.

And Kait says something about books she seems to be concerned about, ones he - apparently - salvaged from Jacinto when the DBs destroy the library.

yeah, the book doesn’t have the author’s name, it just says COG engineering or something.

And here’s what Reyna wrote

Gabe wasn’t mentioned by his name, although we can put pieces together and conclude that Reyna was talking about Gabe.

Book Inscribed to Kait
King Raven Intermediate Maintenance Manual
COG Engineering Corps

Kaitie, Your father wrote this book long before you were born. Not many copies left out there. The text is dry, but… reading it, I can still feel him somehow. I can’t think of a person he’d more want to have this.

Love, Mom


I wouldnt mind him being added in Op4.


He might be if a certain supposed “leak” turns out true.

Those interactions between Oscar and Gabe might be interesting.


It would be nice. I know a lot of people want dom to come back but I’d rather have Gabe :man_shrugging:

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