Where to buy RTJ pack?


Also, sorry if this is a common question or it’s been asked, i did search the forums and mostly saw people complaining about rtj and not where to buy them haha. I’m on pc, got the game via gamepass and i dont see the rtj airdrop pack in the ingame store nor microsoft store nor any online sites with a dlc key or anything like that.

So where do i buy rtj on pc in 2022?


You can’t buy it anymore. More than likely because the licensing expired.

One of gears’ greatest packs, lost to time and space :sob:

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El-P was a top 5 character in gears 4. Next to Commando Dom and V-Day gear he was one of my sweat characters.


I genuinely think he is the best COG character we have ever had :relieved:.

For the locust the savage drone.

@GB6_Kazuya has a hate boner for EL-P tho. Probably makes him feel old :shushing_face:


Gears 1-3 Baird was undefeated.

Dom is my obvious biased choice but Baird just had better lines.

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Aw come on! I was in a good mood! Why would you mention that pointless, annoying addition to Gears 4 and all- round absolute disgrace of a human being?!

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I liked this…because I noticed the delay before you edited it and added Dom! Tut-tut!

Well Doms my boy. But I’d be lying if I didnt say Baird was funnier.

Dom is more serious but has his moments. Baird is just a riot.

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All the commando dom sweats make me hate the character now. His lines are so boring…


Name one good one, bish.

I’ll give you 10

“Lock and load”
“Good to go”
“Excuse me… mine”
“Yeah! Beatdown!”
“Sup *******”
“Eat **** die”
“Ah yeah this is my **** right here”
“Oh yeah!”
“Ooh rah”
“What’s the matter? You hurt?”

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Ah yes some of them so generic they are shared by the normal cog gears. He also has that creepy cringey ‘I could do that all night long’

Im just not convinced :3

No. Kat you are just wrong.

Like plain out wrong.

Doms "Oh yeah! Is far different from Anthony’s “Oh yeah!”

Its nostalgic and good.

That’s not even creepy, Dom never says anything weird. If anything Marcus sounds creepy at times.

Unfortunately this is the biggest L you will ever take.

If you like dom so much there are lots of ‘images’ featuring him and Marcus. :slight_smile:

Hes my favorite character and like any normal person I get bent out of shape when someone says they dont like them.

I get why people like Baird because he has a unique personality but Dom is like the white bread of gears. I was sad when he died, was a very pretty boy.

You couldnt be more wrong. Dom is actually fleshed out in the campaigns. You have to read about Baird in order to figure him out. Hes just the sarcastic smart guy for 1-J.

Shoot even Cole got some fleshing out in 3 and it only took an act.

Baird got his own game and they FORGOT to give him any sort of character.

Dom slander is not permitted.

Ratio+Baird is overrated+ Dom solos+ Doms a former commando

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