Where to aim gnasher?

Where is the ideal place to shoot your opponent with the gnasher? Is it better to aim for the torso so that all pellets land on the player, or aim for the head so that the pellets each do maximum damage even though fewer will hit (as the head is a smaller target?)

Quick aim

If you are in a sweaty battle hip fire works sometimes

If you are taking the time to aim you’re going to get gibbed

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Depends on distance. Always upper-body but the closer you are, the more toward the head you can aim. That’s because of the pellet spread. If you shoot for the head from any kind of distance, the pellet spread is going to minimize how many land.

There’s no damage multiplier if you shoot an enemy in the head with gnasher

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Never aim toward the head. Nodezero said on livestream that it’s objectively worse since there is no damage multiplier to the head and you’re likely to miss more pellets.


If you hip fire. Aim for the middle of the screen, not where the end of the gnasher is.

On Gears UE it would always seem to be to the right slightly.

I think you got that mixed up. The shots come directly out of the gnasher so you’d want to aim where the gnasher is

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You’d think, but the devs and pros have said this back when they did tip videos on YouTube. Ik it doesn’t make sense, but that’s how the guns work.

Just hip fire at a wall from varying distances and you’ll get a good idea where on your screen your opponent should be when you fire.

I could see how placing your opponent in the center of your screen when hip firing could be effective if they were far away enough. The left side of your pellet spread would fall on the center of your screen at a certain distance

Come to think of it, when hard aiming/pop shotting from certain distances you don’t even have to have the reticle on your opponent to land some serious damage. Part of the spread will land anyway (EVEN when your aim is WAY off) and on core, it can still get them like 60+%. One reason why the core gnasher is such an abomination. It rewards bad aim even on LAN.

Don’t aim for the head unless they don’t know you’re there anyway. Don’t aim at all really, just hip fire focus on judging your distance properly so that when you shoot, u kill them in one shot every time. What you don’t want to do is shoot from slightly too far away because then you’ll do like 95% and between then and your next shot, then they’ll be able to walk within one-shotting distance and kill you before you can fire your next one.

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Many will disagree with me but I am a firm believer in the hard aim.

99.9% of my shots are all hard aimed and I aim for the body/neck.

Note: I am pc player so there might be a difference in success between this and console/hip firing.

That’s asking for a lot, telling me to carefully judge my distance before taking a shot. With the lag compensation or whatever general glitchiness comes from there being so many players with high and/or unstable pings, there’s very little consistency in the gnasher’s damage as a function of distance. It always feels like my opponents’ gnashers are super-powered compared to mine. I thought maybe my gnasher seemed weaker was due to my tendency to aim high (some pellets missing but some hitting head) which is what prompted me to start this thread. I am going to make an effort to land all pellets on body and see if that improves the damage dealt, but I’m almost convinced the problem, the perceived disparity in damage taken versus damage dealt, is just a side-effect of the lag compensation netcode.

“That’s asking for a lot”
Never said it would be easy, it takes experience to develop an eye for that. The gnasher does have some consistency to it believe it or not, more so on social than competitive I think. It’s terrible on competitive. One minute it’s fine, then the next it does 0 damage unless your gun is almost touching the player. But when it’s working normally, the 1 shot range is maybe 2.5 metres absolute tops, but it’s best to get closer than that if u can.

“it always feels like my opponents’ gnashers are super-powered compared to mine”

Yea welcome to the club pal. The game hates me too.

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It doesnt matter where you hit your Gnasher shots, damage wise. Head damage is the same as leg or torso damage.

I always try to make pop shots or blindies at the torso. So all pellets actually hit my opponent.