Where those craftable skins

Other than bugs n progress not saving the only thing that truthfully bothers me bout gears is the lack of craftable skins at launch. Not talking player skins cuz they are mostly characters not really skins so i get that, but weapons. Thats the only true advantage gears of war 4 had over gears 5. Like they had bunch of ugly crap but crap non the less. when will more craftable weapon skins be available or will it only be buy or unlock? Like cmon, i find that thing to be the upmost annoying thing if gears 5.

They add a handful of new craftable items every Tuesday.

Im saying at launch there were over 100 in gears of war 4. Gears 5 had ZERO. N not a handful. 2 a week if that

They have two skins to craft, one for 100 and another for 2400. They should have 10x that amount rangjng from 100-1000. But no they want you to buy their premium skins . Also scrap takes a while to build up , they make it a slow process to entice you to buy their skins. Everything is set up to encourage spending money on cosemetics.