Where the hell is the kick option

It is hard enough to find a decent team already and now without the kick option in customer horde… it is almost impossible to start a master match! Pls change this TC

Needs it definitely :expressionless:

Actually nearly had a game with you and someone else from the forums…Ektope…anyway you both left while the game was searching…host definitely needs to have some control…as custom getting like pubs now.

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Definitely for private. Not for public.

Agreed. You constantly get low level players trying to get on on Master difficulty games and the host has no way of kicking them. No way I’m gonna play with someone who wants a free ride!

Or you get that annoying 5th player who joins a group who have already chosen their characters and the 5th refuses to budge and fill the gap in the team, instead wanting others to change their characters instead. The way I see it is if you’re the last player to join, you need to take what roles are left other (unless someone else offers - I just think it’s etiquette).

Should be something in place…especially custom games…for which difficulty of game you can join…dependant on the level of a particular character your using.

Horde on 5 reminds of a kid playing with a toy…then discarding it cause their bored…n cant be bothered :roll_eyes:in this case the kid being tc.

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