Where the hell is the flamethrower?

it was in just about every other previous game in the series why not in this one. I mean i’m ok with the snow thrower but let’s have them both be in it, please?

Nah, let’s have neither!

the cryo gun honestly doesnt do much to a.i. baddies in escape thats for sure. a.i. either shoots you before you can get close or the ones that can tank will down you while you freeze them, it honestly has no point.

The new wave (4 & 5) of weapons are my least favorite, and lucky us, they barely even changed between 4 and 5. The digger was more interesting than the overkill, embar, trishot, dropshot, and all the DB weapons combined. What happed to the oneshot and breechshot? Those were cool.

I think i just really hate the DBs and everything associated with them.

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