Where the F*ck is Griffin?!

Please don’t lol

This has nothing to do with any political “issue” or “movement” so don’t make it that.



Griffin is an awful character in my opinion and I’m glad he’s not in the game.

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He is funny at least.

Sir, I am British and we have the bestest humour known to humanity, and I politely disagree. :wink:

Some of his voicelines like “I love killin these ■■■■■■■■■■■■■” are silly thanks to the way he says it.

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One of my favourites that.

You Brits are so bad with humor you don’t even know how to spell it correctly.


Austin Powers was pretty funny tho tbh.

That was a Canadian guy playing a British spy trope for an American movie studio.

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America 1

Britain/Tea drinkers 0

We have bad teeth; but you have obesity. I guess you could call it a score draw.


As ambassador for America.

I accept your draw.

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But you don’t measure in Bald Eagles per Hamburgers
You use Celsius and that C means communism.
We use Fahrenheit and that F means freedom.
Who’s laughing now?


You wasted a poo-load of perfectly good quality tea and think that a “fanny” is something you sit on.

I mean, you probably could if you tried hard enough.

Dumping that tea in the harbor was a gigachad move.


Paul Revere is an American badass? More than Hulk Hogan?

Gotta save all that sweet revenue for dave bautista!

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They weren’t ready for this pit of danger.

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