Where the best place to look to find a reliable team for horde mode?

I’m looking for 3 additional players to play horde mode on normal mode. In matchmaking people leave 90% of the time before wave 20 when we haven’t even lost a wave.

Where’s the best place to look for a reliable team that will stick on horde?


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Just add me - I play heavy and stay til we fail out 2 times or so.

If I’m online I’ll roll with you.

Add me. I have not touched Normal in a bit and would like a relaxing game. Maybe this evening.
I can play any class. All (10)

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I’ve added you both. I normally play as scout. I might be coming off shortly but am happy to have a go with you’s tomorrow. Btw I don’t have a mic yet, so I hope that’s okay. Thanks.

LFG has usually been good to me. Create a post with exactly what you want and enjoy:).

I only use keyboard global text so I am ok with that.

If you need some help, I’ll be happy to oblige you. Seems to be harder and harder for me to actually jump back in on Gears nowadays. Lacking motivation you might say :smiley:

I’ve been playing for 2 years and still can’t figure out how to do that lol

If on Xbox, you can just add a USB keyboard.

Yep, just plug it into the USB port on the left side. :slight_smile:

You can add the eventual good guys you find in public too.

Add me if you need help , I like to do 1 to 25 … I do all classes

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add me, man…anyone from the forum add me for horde, much better odds :wink:

go ahead and add me as well

mostly busy tomorrow on COD Beta, and Battlefront 2 Double XP
but down the rest of the week!

Plenty of people here it seems. There is also an application on the Google Play Store (Might be on Apple I wouldn’t know couldn’t imagine it not being) simply called Gears of War – It’s run by that Fandom website and has a discussion section where people ask seemingly often for teams etc.

Best way if you need people is LFG. Most of the people you’ll get through that will stay for 50

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Thanks everyone. I’ve added everyone who said to add them.

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